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Warriors championship parade 2015: Time, TV schedule, live stream, route, and public transportation info

The Warriors' championship parade at 10 a.m. today in Oakland.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors won the championship!

I'm still struggling to fully process what has happened and have been saying for days that the parade would probably be the moment when the fact of the Warriors being champions would actually set in for me. And I think, in a way, it's because of something similar to what Billy Frijoles wrote today at Athletics Nation as a "parade preview" of sorts.

I absolutely love the Warriors. And believe me, I will be looking fondly upon this season for many, many years. I know I witnessed something special this year, something truly amazing. But somehow I feel as though it just happened, and I just watched it. I didn't quite live it, because, well, it all happened so fast. The easy, routine winning was so foreign, and then bam! We got the title. I was along for the ride. I never had that heartbreaking moment as a Warriors fan because the Warriors weren't ever good enough to truly break my heart.

I think I need the parade and rally for this to feel real and fully sink in. Maybe because the ascent to championship immortality happened so fast, maybe because I wasn't able to witness the clincher in person. Who knows...but I will definitely be at that parade to celebrate the accomplishment of this team and end years of suffering. And maybe if I yell this enough and see folks rallying this will set in as a new reality as a Warriors fan.

For those interested in attending, the info you need is below. For those that can't go, all the information you need to watch it should be below as well.

Who: The Golden State Warriors, 2015 NBA champions, and the unbelievably loyal fans

What: A parade to celebrate being the 2015 NBA champions

When: Friday, June 19 at 10 a.m.

Where: OAKLAND, home of the 2015 NBA champions (map)

  • Starting point: 11th & Broadway
  • Rally point: Henry J. Kaiser Center

Why: The Warriors are the 2015 NBA champions

Broadcast info:

TV: CSNBA (beginning at 9 am)

Live stream(s) online:

Public transportation

Given what will probably be insane traffic throughout the Bay Area with President Barack Obama in San Francisco and the parade in downtown Oakland, public transportation is probably the way to go to get to the parade. But a few things to note about that:

For more info, check out SB Nation's brief primer.

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