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Warriors vs. Cavs prediction thread: Who will win the 2015 NBA Finals?

We'll have our official staff predictions for the NBA Finals published later this week, but for now we ask you to vote on how you think the Finals will go.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

I initially held off on posting a 2015 NBA Finals prediction thread here because I was afraid of people making rash proclamations that they'd later regret.

However, GSoM's own Andy Liu made some observations on Twitter this weekend that has me re-thinking that.

And indeed if you look at news articles around the web or tweets from people who have created a voice for themselves, you'll find that Tristan Thompson is an unstoppable force, Stephen Curry is just a shooter, and LeBron James' entire career will be tarnished for losing in his fifth consecutive Finals appearance.


And with that, I've found that much of the reasoning behind the predictions is more interesting that the predictions themselves.

We'll have our own assessments of the Finals coming up over the next couple of days, but I wanted to begin with your predictions first. So vote in the poll and then explain yourself in the comments below.

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