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Celebrate the Warriors' championship with a Small Ball Death Squad shirt

We normally give you t-shirts along with our annual GSoM Night, but since that didn't come together this year we partnered with the folks at BreakingT to come up with a t-shirt to commemorate one of the defining features of the Warriors' championship season.

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Photo courtesy of BreakingT.

One of the more interesting questions that has come up in the wake of the Golden State Warriors' championship run is whether their success going small — both in the 2015 NBA Finals and throughout the regular season — would affect how teams view talent in the upcoming 2015 NBA Draft.

The simple answer is that the draft will be defined by bigs at the top of the order because the top talents in this draft are big guys, according to the experts. The unknown factor might be whether teams start thinking smaller a bit further down the order.

Regardless, SB Nation's Tom Ziller is absolutely right: teams should not try to mimic what the Warriors did this year simply because they have a unique combination of talent that is surprisingly difficult to put together. In particular, the Warriors had the best small ball lineup in the league due to their combination of ball handling, passing, defense, and, of course, shooting.

As it has been described fondly by GSoM, it was not just a small ball lineup — this was a Small Ball Death Squad, a unit capable of putting an end to opponents' chances for victory.

So naturally, when I started talking to the folks at BreakingT about championship t-shirts to commemorate the season, that was among the concepts that I mentioned. And with SBDS being a frequently-used phrase at GSoM, that was the concept they developed first.

Now obviously everyone wants to get a hold of some #WGBC shirts and we'll work on a way to do that next. But if you like the SBDS shirt, you can click here to order it. If you have other ideas — and yes, I've heard you about the #WGBC shirts (or should it be "We Be Championship" now?) — we'll see if they can get one of those together for us next.

TL;DR: If you want a cool, soft-as-Charmin, GSoM-specific shirt to commemorate the Warriors' season, click here to get your SBDS shirt.

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