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NBA trade rumor: Warriors won't surrender two draft picks to trade David Lee

In Zach Lowe's latest column, it appears Golden State is resistant in parting with multiple draft picks in a potential David Lee trade.

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By now, it is no secret that the Warriors are searching for a trade partner to unload power forward David Lee. While GM Bob Myers was not ready to publicly state that the Warriors are looking to deal Lee this offseason, the team will continue to do its due diligence in surveying the trade market. Since Draymond Green is set to receive a huge payday this summer, Golden State could face the hefty luxury tax if they are to keep the core intact and that could inevitably be the case.

Despite the ambiguity on Lee's future, there is clarity in the Warriors' thought processes. If the Warriors were to trade Lee, a package would not center beyond the team's 2015 first round pick.

Via Zach Lowe of Grantland:

All of this is easy for me to say; it’s not my money. If Green were to get the max starting around $15.8 million, the Warriors’ payroll with Lee would crack $100 million — about $19 million over the tax line, for a total bill approaching $150 million. That’s more than double what Joe Lacob and his co-owners paid to field this year’s champions. Rich guys don’t stay rich by turning down chances to save $50 million.

The Warriors almost certainly won’t sacrifice two picks for that financial relief, per league sources. They are raking in money, and they appear willing to absorb a moderate tax hit — the kind they would face if they were to buy Lee out or trade him for a player earning less money. The Warriors earned about $15 million in basketball-only activities last season, per a memo obtained by Grantland, and they should blow that away when this season’s numbers come in.

A tiny tidbit is the Warriors' 2017 first rounder is owed to the Jazz in the Biedrins/Jefferson salary dump. Additionally, the Warriors do not have a second round pick until 2019 because of previous transactions. With all being said, Golden State is smart to avoid attaching another pick in a desperation move to trade Lee this summer.

For more on David Lee's uncertain future with the Warriors, follow along at our storystream.

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