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NBA Draft 2015: Golden State Warriors preview

I don't really make a prediction, or provide a scouting report for unknown guys, but I sure do have words!

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The Golden State Warriors are projected to flip their first round pick with David Lee along to some team that could eat up the cap space and play him as the offensive cog to bench unit. The Golden State Warriors are rumored to move up in the first round, maybe giving up one of their young guys in Harrison Barnes or Festus Ezeli in an attempt to get more flexibility in terms of future cap concerns and another potential star. The Golden State Warriors are heard to be looking at a backup point guard if they do end up keeping their pick.

No one has any idea what the Golden State Warriors are going to do on Thursday night. So I'll break down those possibilities in detail.

Scenario 1: Perhaps the likeliest scenario, where the Warriors offload David Lee's contract along with the 2015 first round pick (only used during the draft because of the Stepien Rule) and maybe even throwing in the 2018 pick as well along with a couple young players (god forbid it being Harrison Barnes or Festus Ezeli).

Scenario 2: Perhaps the most unlikeliest scenario, where the Warriors trade UP ostensibly to draft someone they love. Similar to the way the San Antonio Spurs did a couple seasons ago parting with George Hill to select Kawhi Leonard and replenish the star power necessary to blend two generations.

Scenario 3: Perhaps the most boring scenario, the Warriors stay where they are and draft a likely unknown player either from the lower regions of college competition or someone from overseas. If this happens, don't expect a likely impact until next season at the earliest regardless of who they select.

I said I wouldn't make a prediction in the teaser paragraph but I'm only 300 words in and I'm already out of ideas and we're just starting the offseason so - oh my goodness, this is a dreadful beginning. Anyway, I had to mock some players I think the Warriors might or should go after in each scenario.

1. No one. It'll end up becoming some convoluted three-team trade akin to the one Bob Myers pulled off to acquire Andre iguodala a couple years ago. The Warriors are hoping for the same result this time around. Side note: Myers has got to be exhausted after climbing the mountain, making all the right moves, winning the championship, and having to haul ass and work overtime to make Lee's contract feasible to someone, anyone. This does not seem stressful at all.

2. Frank Kaminsky or R.J. Hunter. I am most intrigued by this scenario, as unlikely as it is. Kaminsky brings the type of shooting from a big not many can and only a couple minutes at the end of quarters with Stephen Curry or even Shaun Livingston (playing in Marreese Speights' role will net him plenty of open jumpers.

As for Hunter, he's a lengthy point guard (6'4" with a 6'9" wingspan) and superb shooting abilities, he fits right into a future backup role and even someone who can produce right away if Leandro Barbosa's age catches up to him at some point.

What I am taking away from rumors that the Warriors are moving up is that Myers and management knows the dynasty window (not championship) is wide open and they're willing to keep it sustained at all costs.

3. Anthony Brown or anyone else I don't really know but can tell you they'll be excellent bench players because of measurements, athleticism and potential. The Warriors don't look for 3-and-D wing players so much as wing players that can guard everything from centers to point guards. Brown has the absurd 6'10" wingspan and knocked down 3s at a 43 percent clip his last two seasons in college. He's my favorite sleeper in the draft (Draymond Green was mine in his draft) and can't see him failing if put in the right spot - with the Warriors as the perfect team to maximize his abilities and cover his flaws.

It's going to be interesting what the Warriors do on Thursday because of what it could mean for the luxury tax and future assets. Regardless of what happens, only good news remains and will sustain going forward. That's what winning a championship does for everyone's psyche, I think.

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