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Video: UCLA coach Steve Alford calls Warriors 2015 draft pick Kevon Looney a "coach's dream"

UCLA coach Steve Alford discusses former player Kevon Looney's intangibles and addressed the concerns about his work ethic and conditioning (via bostonceltics).

The "strengths" portion of DraftExpress' scouting videos can get you excited for just about any player.

In the case of UCLA's Kevon Looney, who was selected 30th overall by the Golden State Warriors in last night's 2015 NBA Draft, one line stood out in that regard: "Can play some SF in a pinch due to this shooting & versatility on D." And interestingly enough, SI compared him to a fellow Warriors draft pick from the past: Antawn Jamison (because obviously our 30th pick will turn into an All-Star). He has also picked good players to model himself after.

And indeed, there's plenty to like about Looney beyond the most hyperbolic or tantalizing statements. Apricot outlined a few of the positives in a brief comment after the selection was made last night:

  1. On his hip:
  2. DraftExpress Video on Strengths. I like his motor and aggression on the boards, and he looks comfortable shooting from the wings.
  3. DX on Weaknesses.
  4. Bob Myers on Looney.
    1. "somebody who is 6-9, 7-3 wingspan that can actually step outside the three-point line and make shots, that's a skill. Somebody who can put the ball on the floor like he can, is a skill. There's highlights of him-not many guys that size can grab a rebound and go coast-to-coast, finish on the break."
    2. "Fortunately for us, whatever it us, with our roster, the way it's constructed, it'd be hard for anybody we draft to get a chance to crack the rotation. So if he needs to take some time to recover from anything that might be there, or not, then he will. And we're fine with that. But we have no indication that there's anything that has to happen."

Yet despite all of the positives, the reality about Looney is that if Bob Myers is non-committal to Looney playing at all this season we should probably be tempering expectations — based on Myers' comments and the criticisms about his offensive game, it sounds like we're going to have to be patient with Looney. He has a lot to work on and, at only 19, he's likely years away from his peak. But that means his intangibles, especially his work ethic, matter and UCLA coach Steve Alford offered the Boston Celtics some insight on that in the video above.

Alford was glowing in his remarks about Looney, calling him a "coach's dream" and lauding his character in difficult times during the Bruins' season. It's never a guarantee that a great work ethic will translate into NBA success, but if a player has the tools it's a good start.

For more reaction to the pick, check out our NBA Draft section.

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