Warriors free agent targets?

It's the question on all of our minds, who are the dubs targeting in free agency? Before we answer that question we must ask ourselves what are the dubs targeting in free agency?

shooting depth or PF depth?

The dubs need another shooter. Jerry West has said it, GSOM members have said it, so it must be true…….right? Lets dig into the numbers.

The warriors had four players shoot over 38% from 3 last year (Steph, Klay, Barnes, Barbosa). Thats the most out of all of the "championship contending" teams (Spurs 2, Cavs 3, Hawks 2, Clippers 3, Rockets 1). Only one of those shooters came of the bench though (Barbosa), and he's a free agent, so bench shooting could be a real issue.

The other thing us dubs fans have been clamoring for is a "stretch", or "playmaking four", with decent defensive versatility. I made the argument that its a more pressing need than another shooter a couple days ago.

barnes-dray. thats our pf depth, unless we want to drastically change what we do on offense (mcadoo), or drastically change what we do on defense (sp8ts).

i see would be nice in one situation, and a real need in the other.

The good news is that we can have both! I have comprised a list of wing shooters (including Jeremy Lin) and "stretch/playmaking 4's" that are split into two categories. Mini MLE and vet min. If the dubs want shooter from the mini MLE list they can pair him with the 4 on the minimum list, and vice versa.

Mini MLE

1. Al Farouq Aminu- his defensive versatility is amazing. He can guard 2-4, and hang with 1's and 5's. his shooting numbers aren't pretty(27% from 3), but when you dig deeper he shows promise. Aminu hit 40% of his wide open threes last season (on about 70 attempts), and I'm sure he'll end up open in Oakland far more than he was in Dallas.

I've gone back and forth between Aminu and Jerekbo for about a week. I was leaning towards Jerekbo because he seemed liked the safer bet (6'10 240 knock-down 40% 3pt shooter), but scared money don't make none. The Steph-Klay-Igloo$-Aminu-Dray line-up would have a legitimate shot at being our best 5 man unit, hell, it would have a great shot at being the leagues best 5 man unit. I can't say the same for that same line-up with Jerekbo in Aminu's place.

2. Jonas Jerekbo- Homeboy could light the world on fire with his jumper (40% on his last 214 attempts). Its NWO too sweet, baby. Also, for some reason, opponents tended to shoot worse whenever Jonas was nearby. That has to count for something right? His rebounding %'s are also comparable to Aminu's, slightly worse, but definitely comparable.

3. Marco Belinelli- Even though I'm on the we need a 4! bandwagon, i would love this acquisition. great shooter, has a solid handle and some playmaking ability, comes from a championship culture, 6'5 with much more defensive potential than barbosa (in my humble opinion), played for Pop and Thibs, sign this guy already! Thats all i got.

4. Jeremy Lin- for those of y'all that don't know, Lin's a decent shooter now, and homeboy is pulling up off the dribble. I love how he attacks the paint and gets to the line, we need someone like that. I don't love that he's 6'2 with short arms. We got this defensive versatility thang going on over here. I have to agree with missingberry. Lin may be better in the reg. season, but i would prefer Belli come playoff time.

Vet minimum

Omir Casspi (if we decide to go with Belli or Lin) - He's an inch taller than and weighs 5 more pounds than Barnes, his rebounding %'s were almost identical to Barnes' last season, and he's shot 36.5% from three the last two years combined (263 attempts). Perfect candidate to play the 4 for 8-12 minutes per night.

Wesley Johnson- Wesley is interesting to me because i think he fits any scenario. We could go Aminu-Johnson, we could go Lin-Johnson (I don't think Johnson can play much 4, but it would allow Barnes to spend most of his time there). He's 6'7 with a hella long wingspan. Talk about defensive versatility! He's a 27 year old former top5 pick, and I think he still has a little untapped potential. I would love to see him under Ron Adams tutelage.

On offense, he's been a 36% 3pt. shooter the last two seasons (on over 500 attempts), and that was playing for the LoLakers. Imagine what he would shoot from that island guys not named Steph, or Klay, are often left on.

He doesn't provide the handling and playmaking that Belli, or Lin, would provide, but if he did, he would fetch way more than the minimum, so whatever.

Wayne Ellington- Forget everything I said about Jerekbo lighting worlds on fire and being to sugary, all of that should have been saved for Ellington. 38% from three the last two years (302 attempts), and most of that was done playing for the LoLakers. Who knows what type of unforgiving armageddon of splash this man would unleash if he was ever, you know, open.

his wingspan isn't very impressive, neither is his lateral foot speed. He doesn't get to the basket, or free-throw line, much. I would prefer Johnson, but ellington wouldn't be a terrible consolation prize.

Leandro Barbosa- We gone be championship! I think he's coming back. I would be shocked if he didn't. Im not going to include him in the poll, because I think we can sign him, and still get two of these guys.


My favorite pairing would be Aminu and Johnson. I would love to know yours.

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