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Warriors vs. Cavs Game 3 preview: Expect a big game from Golden State

After a painful performance in Game 2 of the NBA Finals, the Warriors will look to bounce back in Game 3.

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Game 2 of the 2015 NBA Finals was the most painful Warriors loss I've ever experienced in my lifetime and believe me- I've seen a LOT of losing.

The Cavaliers dictated the game with their uglier than ugly style of basketball. It's absolutely unfathomable that a team shooting 32.2% from the field can win an NBA Finals game on the road, let alone the Roaracle in Oakland. But give the Cavs credit, they pulled it off and a win's a win.

Both squads played solid D, but the battle of the boards won the war. Tristan Thompson and Timofey Mozgov combined for 25 rebounds and LeTriple-Double decided to chip in 16. It's hard to overcome offensive struggles when you get dominated on the glass by 10.

It was a depressing OT loss in Oakland, but here's a reality check: if the Warriors, and Stephen Curry in particular, didn't have an atrocious shooting night, Game 2 would have been an easy W. Curry is a career 44% 3pt shooter. Let's say he shot a mediocre 5 for 15 instead of an atrocious 2 for 15 from downtown — that's an 8 point win and everyone is getting their brooms ready.

Point being... Cleveland is about to get rocked tonight in Game 3.

Attack Matthew Dellavedova

From all the media hype, you would think Dellavedova was the next Gary Payton. I have never seen any player go 3-for-10 and have a 1:6 assist: turnover ratio get so much praise. The Warriors are about to make life tough for Dellavedova.

Attack LeBron on Defense

Whether it's through screens or exotic matchups the Warriors must make LeBron work hard on the defensive end. Don't let him float and just help his teammates on defense. An even more fatigued 11-for-35 night will do.

#FullSquad = Minutes for 2 time All-Star David Lee

When the Warriors were struggling mightily on offense and the J's just weren't falling, I was hoping Coach Steve Kerr would bring David Lee of the bench. Lee is still very capable of getting some easy high percentage buckets down low. The screen and roll with Curry can be a secret weapon. Lee can give this team some big minutes and a new look.


* MVP Stephen Curry catches FIRE.
* LeBron James get even more phantom calls that send him to the line for 20+ freebies.
* Warriors 2-1.


And a special shout out to Game 1 halftime performer E-40!

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