Lee the Luxury

Warriors need D. Lee

What a luxury it is to have a guy like David Lee waiting in the wings. One of the best finishers around the rim as well as passers in this league, he was made for the defense the Cavaliers are throwing at the Warriors. They have not been allowing Steph to get any room and been doubling him until he gives up the ball and allowing the Warriors to play 4-3 on the other side. They hadn’t been able to make them pay until D. Lee entered the game and used his excellent passing and finishing at the rim skills to cut the 17 point lead down to one. That and Steph finally hitting 3’s. Steph was able to do that because they stopped going after him as much because Lee made them pay. Give and Take. Lee even played well enough on defense to get a few stops. Although Draymond Green had been great in the pick and roll situation, his shot has left him at a crucial moment, and he doesn’t typically play with the same amount of calmness that Lee can with the ball in his hands. That’s not to say they can’t play them together, because they did, but I am excited to see how game 4 will unfold with Lee more involved.

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