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Warriors vs. Cavs summary: Notes on James McAdoo, Aaron Craft in Golden State's win in Vegas

James McAdoo was the statistical star of what has been described as an ugly opening game for the Warriors in Las Vegas Summer League.

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So Bram Kincheloe, Sam Sorkin and I all arrived in Vegas for summer league last night and settled into SB Nation's famed "Blog House" where bloggers from around the NBA network hole up in a rented house and geek out over sports.

Aside from the novelty of meeting the people you normally only see around NBA Twitter, it's sort of the sub-conference on SB Nation basketball geeks within the broader geek out that summer league already is to begin with — discussions move (stunningly) seamlessly from how Matthew Dellavedova is as annoying as a spider to the most evil owner in basketball (who can't even dream of matching Dan Snyder) to Zach LaVine's upside comp. Best story of the night, by far, goes to Sam for meeting Draymond Green on his flight over here.

It's awesome in doses even as everyone is conscious of the sort of comic absurdity of spending this much time, this much breath, and this many words talking about some, um, uneven basketball performances; I stayed for a week in that year Ian Clark was the hero of a Warriors summer league run and was delirious and ready to get out of town by the end of it.

Unfortunately, none of the three of us were in a place to actually watch the actual game that we wanted to see last night: the Warriors and Cavs. Thankfully, we had about 15 other opinions from bloggers around the network to sort of fill us in on what happened.

A few notes:

  • Ryan from Fear the Sword pretty much told us what was written in their recap from last night: "The shooting was putrid for both sides, and there were 29 fouls. SUMMER LEAGUE!"
  • Nobody seemed to think anyone in that game from either team stood out as a roster player, even when I asked about James Michael McAdoo's 20-point, 7-rebound line.
  • Oh, someone did stand out: Draymond Green, whose appearance was apparently the biggest thing that happened for either team. Crazy how he has gone from a player who people questioned as a NBA player in Vegas just three years ago and now he has lines of kids trying to get his autograph.
  • The look on people's faces when I asked about Aaron Craft's 7 assists and 0 turnovers last night? Priceless (as in, the blank stare of "totally unimpressive"). And, no, they weren't particularly spectacular. But the alley oop to McAdoo and the half court bounce pass to Michael Frazier were pretty great, just looking at the highlights — if nothing else, the pass to Frazier had Steve Kerr smiling. It was also interesting, particularly as a Michigan alum, to hear Ryan from FTS talking about how Cavs fans still pine for Aaron Craft, Ohio State alum. I realized how he was the Matthew Dellavedova of the B1G for me in some ways.
  • Newsflash: Ognjen Kumic looked slow to those watching. On the bright side, Bram came up with a great idea for the weekend: hourly Kuzmic updates. If we all bother him about this on Twitter, we might be able to make it happen. He declined my suggestion to set himself up as an embedded journalist to cover Kuzmic.
  • People were sort of starting to question whether Kevon Looney would be a NBA player, but there's no way I'm spending any time worrying about the first summer league game of anyone.
  • People from out of town think In'N'Out is overrated. I find this to be blasphemous, but I understand the point: people spend so much time elevating it to standard that it can't possibly match that it's hard for it not to be extremely disappointing.

Anyway, we'll be having more of our own thoughts about the Warriors summer league performances over the next few days. And I'm sure we'll have plenty of stories to tell from the Blog House experience, which I'm leaving to Bram to share.

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