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Warriors assistant coach Jarron Collins talks about defensive expectations

I did an extensive interview with Jarron Collins at Summer League. This is part one, a teaser of sorts, in which he discusses the defensive responsibilities and the growth of Ognjen Kuzmic, Kevon Looney, and James Michael McAdoo.

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I ran into Jarron Collins here at Summer League and he was kind enough to give me an extensive one on one interview.

There are a lot of stories to tell, many different moments upon which to expound, but until that longer article comes out (hopefully tomorrow), I thought I'd put down a few specific things he said.

Summer League is about the future as much as the present. You're always projecting where someone might end up one, two, three years from now.

But Jarron had some interesting things to say in regards to the defensive growth and responsibilities of Warriors big men James Michael McAdoo, Ognjen Kuzmic, and newcomer Kevon Looney.

Here's the unedited transcript of (that part of) the interview.

(I'm BK, and he's JC, obviously)

BK: What are your expectations for Looney and Kuzmic and some of the bigger guys that you're bringing on. And where do you see them developing into as the season progresses?

JC: Well, we're looking for them to do things that are going to make our team better as a whole. So, it's—for, I try and separate them a little bit, because Kuzmic and Mac, McAdoo, have familiarity with our system, and they have chemistry together already, having played so much at D League. But, those guys in particular, calling coverages on the defensive end is going to be huge in the summer league. Because they are the quarterbacks in most of the off ball pick and roll situations, and with Mac in particular, red-ing, what we call red-ing, is basic—excuse me, I'm using coach talk—but, switching, which is a big principle on our defense covering the ball. Much the same way that Draymond switches on the perimeter, we see Mac being able to do those same things. So we want him to call the coverages, and then if there's a switch opportunity, to go out there and defend that perimeter guard. And play our style of defense. For Looney, it's about seeing his skill set, and he has a tremendous skill set in terms of his length, his ability to put the ball on the floor, he's a good passer, you know, obviously we want him to work on things. Consistency with his outside shot. Gotta get rid of some "college habits" I'll call them. He's still only 19 years old, but in transition getting up and down the floor a little quicker.

Again, keep your eye out for a much longer article.

We've been having a blast here. Talking basketball, watching prospects, meeting coaches, attending practices, and exploring the behind-the-scene reality of the NBA.

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