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Punk'd, Warriors edition: Andre Iguodala gives Golden State fans a scare on Twitter

Two Warriors players made major sacrifices for the sake of helping the team win a championship. One of them asked for and received a trade. The other one wants his starting job back. Or does he?

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Today was moving along just like any other Thursday. I got up, walked my dog, took a shower, and headed off to work. I took a little target practice by shooting our counter guy with my new blowgun and tattooed a Dominican flag on a guy named Frank. I made a conference call with Nate Parham and a couple of Warriors ticket sales guys to get the ball rolling on our next GSoM night at the Oracle (It's coming Duby Dub Dubs. More details as soon as we have them).

After the call, I hopped on my computer to check our staff chat site to ask Nate a couple of questions about coordinating the event. So far, so good, right?

Then it happened. Nate asked, "Can someone look more closely at this - is it a real problem?"

OK, no big deal. Andre did well for the team last year off the bench. I mean, he played a career low 26.9 minutes a game, and didn't start for the first time in his entire career, but he was at his best in the Finals when his defense forced Lebron's efficiency into the toilet and he went home with a championship AND the Bill Russell trophy for Finals MVP. Heck, he played 37 minutes per game in the Finals, tied for third on the team when it mattered most.

But he started the last three games of the Finals, all wins, and many fans and experts felt that he never should have been used as a reserve to begin with. Apparently, Iguodala agreed.

My heart skipped a beat.

Andre Iguodala is, in my opinion, one of the Warriors top three players. He's our best perimeter defender, our best ball handling wing, an incredible athlete and one of the sharpest basketball minds ever to put on a Warriors uniform. If Andre demands his starting job, I'm benching Barnes in a New York minute (sorry Bobbita).

One minute later (possibly the longest minute ever) and @andre continued:

Followed by:

Haha Andre. Good one. You're so funny. 

OK, so I had to apologize to all of my coworkers and clients that witnessed my little homage to Andre Iguodala (or temper tantrum, if you want to be that way)... Andre continued:

The golf clubs are definitely do-able. Thanks to Nestle, that Cambodian breast milk is probably harder to find. But Andre had one last request:

Get walking, Steve.

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