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What would it take for the Warriors to land Kevin Durant in 2015 sign-and-trade?

Tim Kawakami at Talking Points takes a look at what it might take for the Golden State Warriors to land Kevin Durant in 2016 free agency. There's no way the Warriors can find the approximate $25 million it would take to sign him straight up, so Kawakami looks at a sign-and-trade scenario:

Let's be clear and blunt: Any Warriors sign-and-trade offer for Durant would have to start with Harrison Barnes.

It'd just have to-he plays the same position, he's young and somebody I'd imagine OKC wouldn't mind in any deal. But obviously that'd just be a tiny part of it; the Warriors would have to add much more.

How about Barnes plus Kevon Looney? Not nearly enough. And the money wouldn't be nearly enough, either. The Warriors would have to add a lot of money to make it work per CBA rules.

So... How about Barnes plus Looney plus... Klay Thompson? That probably got your attention and I'm sure it'd get the Thunder's attention.

What do you all think? Is Barnes/Looney/Thompson fair ammunition for Kevin Durant?

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