Just pay the tax!!

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It is not my money, but I think Joe Lacob needs to "put his money where his mouth is" on this one. We just won the freaking NBA championship!! Joe Lacob has already more than doubled down on his investment in the dubs. That more than pays this luxury tax bill for next year. Lets not fool ourselves, David Lee is still a legit player and an absolute beast as 8th/9th man on the roster. Getting rid of him only makes our team worse. I've gone over every possibility and nothing I'm seeing or hearing will turn Lee into something better for our team next season or the future. Are we trying to get worse?

As minimal as some of you might say Lee's value to the team is, I beg to differ. He was so good in that Memphis series. I remember him in game 4 (down 2-1) after not playing in game 3 came off the bench and played 15 mins was a +4 and felt like he was a key component to us closing out that first half and going up big into the lockeroom. David Lee brought some swag back to the dubs when they were searching for their mojo. Follows that in game 5 with 6 & 7 with a +18 in 17 mins off the bench. What I'm trying to say is David Lee came up big during the most tested and critical time of that series.

The Houston series is just a bad match-up for David Lee and I'm not even going to act like he was a factor in that series. That's not the point I'm trying to make here anyways.

Here we are again playing the Cavs in an almost as identical as possible to the Memphis series. Dubs down 2-1 after losing games 2-3. Other team dictated pace. Could the dubs regain their swagger? Well they did in the 4th quarter of game 3. David Lee was 4-4, getting 11-4-2 with a +17. We all watched that fourth quarter how the offense finally clicked into gear, David Lee was a huge part of that, and once again coming up big during a moment where the dubs looked like they were vulnerable. From the end of the 3rd quarter in game 3 to the end of the series, the Warriors dominated the Cavs and never looked back. I will always remember David Lee for coming up big in that game 3 and bringing back our swag again.

This dude is also a leader in the clubhouse and a very close friend of the MVP. His presence on the team is huge as far as camaraderie. There is so much value in bringing that to the table. I'lll never forget David Lee getting in Blake Griffin's face for standing on top of Curry when he went down after rolling his ankle. Blake looked legitimately scared of Lee. This guy fights for his teammates and never gives up.

What I am trying to prove here is that David Lee actually has value as a player to this team, and came up big in key moments during our championship run. We all talk about him as if we need to get rid of him. We don't have to do anything with Lee's contract. Yes we will pay the tax heavily for keeping him, but hasn't Joe Lacob said he doesn't care about money and he's willing to do whatever it takes to win a championship?

Am I wrong?

Can someone please give me a scenario in which the dubs actually improve as a team by trading David Lee?

If nothing else didn't Andrew Bogut look like he could barely move during the finals, and has always been injured his entire career? Wouldn't keeping Lee be smart just to have some big man insurance for Bogut?

We can argue about the money, but I'm saying that if Lacob trades Lee for salary cap relief to avoid the tax then he isn't all in like he says he is. He of all people knows how valuable Lee is and has been to the franchise, and if he gives him up just to avoid a monetary penalty I'll be very disappointed. As I said earlier Joe Lacob has already doubled down on his investment and has the money to spend. Isn't he gonna have to pay this much anyways when the salary cap increases the next 2 years? Might as well get used to it now and JUST PAY THE TAX!!!!!

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