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BREAKING NEWS: Andrew Bogut is not impressed by your Haka war dance

If the headline hasn't said it all, well, where are we?

Andrew Bogut, man amongst men, does not give a flying f--- about your Haka war dance.

Let us list the things that impress Andrew Bogut more than this Haka war dance:

1.) Cheese. Literally, any type of cheese. Preferably something nice and sharp, like a nice sharp cheddar or something.

2.) Puppies. I mean, hey, puppies are pretty goddamn impressive.

3.) That dance in that, what was it called? You know, where they dance on the river? Or, wait, shit, no -- Riverdance. Right. That's the one. Riverdance impresses him more than this junk.

4.) Literally. Everything. Else.

Your Haka war dance does not impress Andrew Bogut.

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