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2015 GSoM Night: This time, we're #1!

The people have spoken and we heard you loud and clear. Back by popular demand, it's Golden State of Mind night at the Roaracle!

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March 23, 2007

The Golden State Warriors (33-37) battled the Washington Wizards (37-30) at Oracle arena in what seemed to be just another high scoring regular season affair. The Warriors, just two months after acquiring Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington from the Indiana Pacers, hadn't made the postseason since the '93-'94 season.

It didn't matter to the Warriors' most faithful fans. Led by GSoM founder Atma Brother ONE, DJ Fuzzy Logic, Fantasy Junkie, Hash, and YaoButtaMing, the loudest, most knowledgeable, most supportive fan community on the internet came out to put the roar in Roaracle. The community expected to sell about 75 tickets. Instead, around 300 of our best and brightest showed up! The Golden State of Mind community was unstoppable, baby!

GSoMers were allowed to watch the shootaround and warmup drills from courtside before taking over a few entire sections of the arena, and even got featured on the team's jumbotron at half time. They also got first crack at this incredible t-shirt!

The game was a classic Warriors barn burner. The Wizards, led by a 29 point, 13 assist, 7 steal effort by Gilbert Arenas scored 128 points, but fell short. Baron Davis answered with a 34 point, 15 assist, 9 rebound night and the team's center of the future, Andris Biedrins, added 24 points to go with 12 rebounds and 5 assists. The team scored 135 points, tying their season high.

The team would go on to win 9 of the next 12 games and finish the season 42-40, clinching their first playoff spot since Chris Webber patrolled the paint for the Dubs. The team followed that regular season run with a six game dismantling of the 67 win Dallas Mavericks, and was named "We Believe" after a motto adopted by the team's faithful during the closing weeks of the season.

The Warriors made history that season. They were the first ever #8 seed to upset a #1 seed in a seven game series. Charles Barkley didn't believe, and neither did most basketball analysts. But Golden State of Mind believed, and showed their support by coming out and being the loudest fans in the loudest arena in the NBA.

Atma Brother ONE had a busy season during the Warriors' championship run, adding a diaper wearing lottery pick to his family, so Nate Parham has had a lot of extra work on his plate managing our favorite internet community. They've asked me to help promote the event, and even though I live 1,200 miles away and likely can only attend in spirit, I'm proud to do my part to keep this tradition going. Longtime community member Duby Dub Dubs has been very diligent in reminding us that GSoM night needs to happen, and he's right. Thanks Duby!  We've been here for the worst years. We've (grudgingly) supported a team that would play Acie Law over Stephen Curry. We've rooted for Rob Kurz. We've projected Josh Powell's potential. This kid is now a GSoM member, and he deserves a discounted seat now that the team is the hottest ticket in town:

So do you.

This season, Charles Barkley still doesn't believe. He thinks we got lucky when the Warriors won last season. What do you think, GSoM? Are the Warriors unstoppable, baby? It's time for another push, but this time our goals are much higher than a playoff appearance. We caterpillared our way into the playoffs for two seasons, and now we've butterflied another banner to the rafters of Roaracle arena. Will the Warriors repeat?

Nate P.  is working the phone lines with our team representative, trying to hammer out the date and price. Tony.psd is designing the new shirt, and it looks awesome. The ball is rolling, and GSoM night is happening. Right now, it looks like Monday, November 2nd against the dreaded Grit 'n' Grind Memphis Grizzlies. The ticket prices are NOT set in stone yet, but they will be soon, and they promise to be a bargain.

But wait, there's more! I don't want to ruin the surprise, but I can safely say that Golden State is going to arrange another bonus just for our community. That's right, you can go watch the Warriors defend their title, alongside many of the best fans in the entire league, get a gorgeous T-shirt (I've seen all five of Tony's proofs, and I really think you're all going to love the winner), AND there's an exclusive postgame surprise? All at a discount?!?

Are you ready? The team made history after our first Golden State of Mind night. We've had some pretty big turnouts in the past, but I bet we can break all the records with our attendance this year. Another article with a link to our specially priced tickets will be posted as soon as the discount is set. Save the date, and let's make history again.

Let's Go Warriors!!!

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