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Stephen Curry is giving everyone a break

If the financial break that Steph Curry affords the Golden State Warriors with his $44 million extension signed in 2012 wasn't enough, the endorsement marketplace also looks like an area where Curry cut some people some slack. Scott Davis as Yahoo! Finance made an interesting comparison:

While these kinds of offers can be the norm for NBA superstars — according to Forbes, Kevin Durant signed a 10-year extension with Nike worth as much as $300 million with royalties and Adidas gave Derrick Rose a 13-year, $185 million deal — Curry's deal with Under Armour looks paltry in comparison.

Though the exact terms are hard to figure out, ESPN's Darren Rovell notes that Nike missed the chance to keep Curry as one of the faces of its basketball line. After spending his first four years in the NBA with Nike, Nike originally offered Curry a deal worth $2.5 million per year. Under Armour swooped in with an offer worth less than $4 million per year for Curry, which Nike didn't match.

That seems like quite the discount when you consider that Steph is currently the toast of the NBA. It's also a testament to who he is as a person: humble, grounded, responsible. However, it's crazy that I'm actually talking about $15 million a year as if it were paltry.

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