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Andrew Bogut talks trash, reminds us that Australians are awesome

If you ever want to hear the truth, ask an Aussie.

Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

GQ Australia recently sat down with Andrew Bogut and Matthew Dellavedova, finals-foes-turned-Boomers-teammates, and the resulting interview was nothing short of hilarious.

Check out the whole thing here, or read on for some quick #KincheloeHotTakes.

On being asked what his "happiest, haziest memory of the hours and days of celebrating after the win," Andrew answered:

We won on a Tuesday night. There was nothing on in Cleveland...

He then goes on to reveal that after the championship parade, David Lee flew everyone to Vegas for a team (and entourage) only party.

But let's back up. With Delly sitting next to him, he still managed to find a way to throw shade at the city of Cleveland. Well played, sir.

Asked about what (if any) rookie hazing he had to endure, Andrew managed to go full-Aussie:

The blokes that get in trouble are the ones that try to be heroes about it. Once I had to dance in a nappy - a diaper - and I had to sing one song of my choice in front of the whole team.

It's all there. "Blokes." "Nappy."

Whoa now.

Regarding trash talk in the NBA, he kept it super real, saying:

I mean, from fans you get it: "Go back to Australia." From players, it's all just the same kind of stuff. It's all, "You don't know where I'm from. I'm gonna mess you up." It's all for the cameras, generally. There's never really going to be a fight on the NBA court. A thrown punch that misses is $20,000.

For real, these men are professionals who are out on the court to make money. No one in their right mind is going to throw a punch, get fined for it, and then get suspended and miss game checks.

Well, maybe Zach Randolph. Seriously, do not fuck with that guy.

He will end you.

Talking about the general perception of Australians in the NBA, he said:

I get a lot of crap for my accent. Just from saying, like, numbers. They know we're laid back and have a sense of humour. And they know that, on the court, we'll fight to the death.

Again, you want the truth? Ask an Australian.

"We'll fight to the death."

Why do I automatically believe him? Like, yes, yes, I can see that. That's why we all love you, Bogut.

Andrew Bogut and Matthew Dellavedova have a chance to accomplish something special in the Olympic games in Rio next summer. Comparing the Dubs' recent championship to Australia's bid, he said:

The same thing as us winning a championship with Golden State: the stars have to align. There's no reason why we can't go in with the goal of winning a gold medal. The Olympics gives you very little room for error, which means that anything can happen. You can find the best team in the world on a bad day.

I for one will be rooting for them to do well. Like, say, second place or something as Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green hoist their newly minted gold medals.

Australia rocks.

Need more proof?

Wait wait wait. Shit. That's not what I meant to embed... Damn.

Disregard that video.


Also, we need to get Andrew Bogut his own reality show STAT.

Happy Thursday, y'all.

As a parting gift, I give you this:

(Completely, 100% unrelated, I know, but I cannot stop watching this. So, so good)

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Til next time.

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