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Warriors, Mission Bay Alliance debate San Francisco arena project on KALW

KALW hosted a roundtable about the pros and cons of the Warriors' San Francisco arena project.

While Trent Dilfer was yelling at you during the San Francisco Niners' win on Monday Night Football last night, the Golden State Warriors were continuing their battle against the Mission Bay Alliance (MBA) on KALW.

Host Joseph Pace facilitated a roundtable about the issue, including Warriors spokesman P.J. Johnston and MBA strategist Sam Singer. The interview covered the standard positions that you've already probably heard about: although the Warriors insist that the arena project will move forward as expected despite opposition — including a "phalanx" of attorneys representing the MBA — Singer strongly suggested that the opposition to the arena is real.

The noteworthy part of this, for those who like reality TV that might affect lives beyond those showcased, was that it got a little nasty. Thankfully, Diamond Leung documented the drama while we were watching the Niners game.

As the current political landscape has shown us, we in the U.S. like few things better than watching a bunch of rich guys square off against each other in public, especially when they're calling each other a bunch of rich guys or bringing up people's divorces.

Nevertheless, the whole roundtable gives you a pretty good sense of where things stand now and just how contentious an issue building things — anything, really — can be in San Francisco.

For more background on the SF arena project, check out our storystream.

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