Steve Nash: The guy can dance!

When you see a Parvenu post, you just never know what to expect. Except that I always start with the big blue W.

I read GSoM every day. I read every article and every FanPost. Today, I saw the FanShot where Steve Nash will join the GSW as "player development consultant." Thanks for posting the FanShot! For same strange reason, I was thinking about Steve Nash earlier today. My son might wind up playing college baseball for the University of Santa Clara next year. That is where Nash played college basketball. My son has good grades, but Santa Clara is a tough academic school, which tells me that Steve Nash is a smart guy. But I think he's a good dancer, too.

Good dancers suceed in the NBA

When I watch an NBA game on TV or in person, I am always amazed at the athletic grace and rythym that some players display. Nash had some good moves -- he was a good dancer. I was always amazed at how well he saw the basketball dance floor and how he grooved with the flow. That is what good dancers do. Don't get me wrong -- he's no Michael Jackson, but he reminds me of a young Fred Astaire. Whether it's hip hop or the Fox Trot, good dancing is good dancing. There was a quiet elegance to every move that he made. Nothing was forced. It seemed quite natural. Whether it was finding the open man for one of his countless assists or taking that beautiful midrange jumper, there was a purpose in every step. And he did not dance alone -- he danced gracefully with his teammates and made them look like good dancers in the process. That is what good dancers do -- they work with their partners on the floor.

And it's not just in basketball. Muhamed Ali floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee. He was a great dancer and the Greatest of All Time. Barry Bonds' swing was poetry in motion. And even when he was issued an intentional walk, the fans would wave the rubber chickens in unison -- it was poultry in motion.

Why he can help the Warriors

To stay on topic, I will stick with this theme. And I will let others talk about that many other attributes that he brings to help our team reach higher ground, if that is even imaginable. Let's start with ball handling. He was one of the best. It was rare to see him turnover the ball. Yes, he can help Curry with this. When you dribble, the ball is merely an accesory for the elegant dance, much the same way that some dancers use chairs, canes, or even a pole if they are strip dancers. It's part of the package -- an adjunct to the dance. Let's also talk about his footwork, which was graceful in a quiet and subtle sort of way, and which is the hallmark of a good dancer. Yes, he can help several Warriors with their footwork. Good footwork, like good dancing, is the key to success in the NBA. Even his free throw shooting had a simple and efficient elegance. Swoosh! Yes, he can help Bogut and Iggy with this.

Advanced dance lessons

The Warriors are lucky to already have some great dancers on the team. Have you seen Curry shake that little booty? And have you seen Iggy do his Iggy Wiggy? Yes, I'm asking the GIF experts to load up the comments section with these moves. And while Curry and Iggy may not need basic lessons in dancing on the court, there is an opportunity for refinements. Barnes and Green will need bacic lessons from Nash. They need to develop better moves to dance better. One trick ponies are great, but they can be greater with a great instructor.

What the heck did I just read?

I don't know. But I do know that basketball is best played when you have great dancers on the floor. I mean, you don't want to do the Bump with Zach Randolph, and you don't want to do the Twist with Ariza. You could wind up in the emergency room at the local hospital. But I want to know if I'm being fair to our Warriors.

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