Warriors Training Camp in T-Minus 10 Days

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors are just 10 days away from opening training camp in Oakland. Media day will set off the camp activities and is slated for September 28, 2015. While many teams in the West have undergone a major revamping in an attempt to dethrone the #Dubs, the Warriors return over 80% of their roster from the 2014/15 championship season.

What I am most interested in during this camp is how the new members of GSW jell together. New faces include Jason Thompson, Chris Babb, Juwan Staten and Ian Clark. What, if any visible results will they show early on is going to determine their rank in the pecking order. With minutes already limited for players 10-15 on the roster, an early breakout camp could foreseeably catapult one of these new arrivals into the lower half of the the Warriors rotation. While that would indeed be a tall order for any of the newest additions it could also conceivably cut back certain key players minutes from last season.

The players that I could see being pushed for minutes this year are:

Marreese Speights. While Jason Thompson doesn't have the offensive skill-set that Mo Buckets brings to the hardwood his defense is above and beyond what Mo can do.

Leandro Barbosa. With Father Time definitely not on his side the Dubs stepped up and got a new 2 guard in Ian Clark who happened to shoot 50% from behind the arc this past summer league. While the SL isn't an accurate barometer of what a player will do in the NBA due to playing against rookies/lesser competition, if Clark can hit anywhere north of 40% on his 3pt shots, the Warriors would be hard pressed not to play him more minutes.

Chris Babb is also an interesting prospect while I feel Juwan Staten is a long shot to make this squad.

What is the community's general feeling on the new additions to the Warriors over the summer? Who do you root for/feel will make the final 15 man roster? Whose minutes do you definitely see decreasing the season?

Drop your comments in the box and let's start a lively discussion because TC IS TEN DAYS AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

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