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Celtics' Isaiah Thomas names Steph Curry as an elite ball handler

Boston Celtics' point guard Isaiah Thomas has a blog post up on The Players' Tribune in which he names his top 5 current elite ball handlers of the NBA.

I love Thomas' description of Steph Curry, who is obviously elite when it comes to just about anything involving holding a basketball:

Steph plays like he's a wide receiver in football running an option route on every play. Everything he does depends on what the defender is doing. So when he's coming at you, if you're afraid of the three — which you should be — and you give him too much space, he'll knock it down. If you play too far up on the three, he'll take you off the dribble. If he beats you on the first step because you were playing too far up, say goodbye. He's already gone. If you sink back with him, he has the shiftiness and the quick release to step back and shoot.

He's amazing, but I'm pretty glad Curry chose to insert his talents into the sport of basketball rather than football.

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