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Warriors Media Day: NOBODY BELIEVES IN US!!

Perhaps a little disrespect is exactly what this year's Warriors team needs.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Posting and Toasting had an innovative take on Media Day. They named Sasha Vujacic their Media Day MVP, praising his looks, his hair, his discretion with women, and his photo bombing technique.

It got me to thinking: Who was the Warriors Media Day MVP?

Was it Klay Thompson, who showed off his effortless shooting stroke on the miniball net?

Or was it Andre Iguodala, who revealed he had an off-season knee treatment performed in Germany (aka "the Kobe treatment") and is now dunking like a beast again.

Was it the Larry O'Brien trophy, which lorded over all like a shiny dream?

Or, really, it had to be Klay, right? For making this crazy face:

I have another theory.

I think the Media Day MVP was something infinitely more subtle than any one player.

That's right, team. It was the "NOBODY BELIEVES IN US!!!" rhetoric that may well prove to be the MVP of this off-season, and specifically of this year's Media Day.

To which @HPBasketball (CBS Sports' Matt Moore) responded:

That seemed to rile up our compatriots over at Fear the Sword, especially Ryan Mourton, who tweeted shortly thereafter:

To which I had to respond:

To which he said:

Aaaaaand also:

Damn. Vegas stays with you forever, apparently.

Ryan, better burn those pictures buddy. Otherwise I'm sending #DubNation over to troll yr message boards.

Anyways, let us all thank the basketball gods that we have actual basketball things to talk about.

Can you believe that the season is almost upon us?

First preseason game is October 5th!!! Against the Toronto Raptors!!!



I can't wait.

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