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How defenses react to Shaun Livingston

A quick look at how various defenses responded to Shaun Livingston during March 2015.

During March 2015, the Utah Jazz, Memphis Grizzlies, and L.A. Clippers all struggled to defend Golden State Warriors guard Shaun Livingston. The Clippers even ended up putting Chris Paul on him in the second game of the month (this is what happens after you try Austin Rivers, Nate Robinson, and Hedo Turkoglu on Livingston the first time around).

The Milwaukee Bucks, who simply didn't have an easy way to guard him while also matching up with everyone else on the floor, even tried to trap Livingston on a number of occasions. That little bit of defensive strategy is made all the more interesting by the circumstances around that meeting: Jason Kidd, who coached Livingston in Brooklyn and probably has a good idea about how to best defend him, was coaching that Bucks team.

For all the talk about how Livingston's limited shooting range is a detriment to the Warriors' offense, defenses show a healthy respect for him upon observation.

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