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My attempt at a best-of-2015 list, aka: Stephen Curry's top 10 plays

It was a good year.

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR Y'ALL!

Things that happened this year:

1.) I started writing for Golden State of Mind

2.) You guys were super nice to me and welcomed me right away.

3.) Stephen Curry hit lots of nice shots.

4.) Because he hit all those nice shots, Stephen Curry won the NBA MVP.

5.) James Harden did not win the MVP because, hahahaha remember when that was thing?!

6.) Mad Max, Creed (sorry Nate, still haven't seen it), and Star Wars happened.

7.) Trump's hair crawled off his head and attacked a room full of reporters (okay, okay, not really).

8.) Since being released on October 22nd, this video racked up 871,149,016 views (and counting). That's only 70 days, 18 hours, and 48 minutes ago. That is 12,444,985 views PER DAY! WTF?! Adele, you rock. Looking at you, Seth Pollack.

9.) My cats slept on or around my head approximately 3/4s of each night. So, all in all, perhaps 1,642.5 hours, which in cat years is like a whole bunch of years.

10.) Nate, Ivan and I started doing podcasts on the regular, which made me super happy.

11.) I got Ryan Mourton from Fear the Sword to tweet this:

Which was subsequently retweeted by the Warriors handle, which also made me super happy. (Much more on this soon, probably Sunday)

12.) Narcos happened.

13.) Master of None happened (check it out if you haven't!!).

14.) A quick reminder that Steph Curry hit some ridiculous shots:

15.) But, most importantly, THE WARRIORS WON THE DAMN CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOOHOOOOO! Yeah baby!

The Warriors are a complete team, as they showed last night, but it does all start with Stephen Curry.

That's why, at the top of this article, I embedded his top 10 plays, as chosen by the NBA's twitter feed. Personally, number nine might be my favorite. So subtle. So deadly.

I can't wait to see how 2016 turns out.

Happy New Year y'all. Hope the booze is finally wearing off. Or, if not, that you're back in it starting 2016 with a bang.

Onwards and upwards!

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