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Sunday Reads: Stephen Curry moves like Michael Jackson

When Stephen Curry dances on-court, the world around him shakes.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Stephen Curry moves on the basketball court the same way Michael Jackson moved on a stage. Gracefully, powerfully, and in such a way that it is impossible to look away.

Like Michael, you get the sense that he is staying perfectly still while the world around him squirms and whines. He is the center of a vortex, and everything in his presence is affected by his simple movements.


Or this:

Notice, as he comes free, the whole Kings' bench rises up yelling, smacking the floor. Trying anything in their puny power to make Steph miss. But Steph wouldn't miss. Not on that shot. Instead, he turned around while the ball was maybe halfway to the hoop and gave them a little whatfor. A little howyadoing?

Compare that to this:

AHHHHHHHHH DAMN MICHAEL IS ON FIRE! Look at that crowd! There's more people in audience of this show than live in Iceland, I would bet. Well, maybe not actually, but it sure feels that way! And he has them in the palm of his hand. Women screaming. The whole mass of people swaying and billowing together like a single organism.

Real quick, before we move on:

Michael Jackson trying to teach someone to moonwalk is basically like an astronaut trying to explain what space is like only using pictograms constructed of string cheese strips.

Or like Steph explaining shooting form.

Wait, wait, I take it back. He's actually super good at explaining things!

Way better at explaining things than Michael, at least.

But, regardless of how these two transcendent talents arrived at their powers (a million reps combined with a God-given talent and hunger for success), we can agree that they are similar in the way they move.

You can't look away. You can't even really understand what is happening. They are in a different sphere of control, with a different understanding of time.

Even when Curry almost messes up, he's still just a split second from dropping a three in your face.

Like Michael Jackson, he is in control of his stage presence, performing with a strong grace for his legions of adoring fans.

He is the top draw in a world full of stars, and he is owning the moment.

To really drive this point home, I give you one final video:

Yup, Curry dances just like Michael ;)

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