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Recap: Draymond-less Warriors fall to Nuggets in a close, ugly game

Without Draymond Green, the Warriors were unable to conquer all-around poor play against the Denver Nuggets, losing 112-110. They sorely missed Dray's rebounding, defense, and spacing. Though the Dubs were able to come back at the end and nearly eke out the victory, they fell short as Klay Thompson's attempt to win the game went off iron. Their third loss of the season, the Warriors now sit at 36-3.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Ugh. That wasn't the best game to watch.

The Warriors needed Draymond Green this game.  The Warriors lacked spacing, playmaking, rebounding, and defense were lacking the whole night, and the team couldn't retain the breakneck pace it usually thrives in.  The Nuggets led most of the way due to Will Barton's electric play and Danilo Gallinari's free throws.  Turnovers, isolation plays, and letting the Nuggets get on the glass doomed the Warriors early.

But very late in the fourth quarter, Stephen Curry began to heat up.  Racking up his sixth 20-point quarter of the year, Steph got to the rim with ease, and finally started hitting threes.  He was amazing, but no other Warrior was able to chip in enough scoring to help him out, and the defense gave up one too many open shots.  The game was close at the end, but the Warriors were clearly outplayed tonight.

Also, we're all not 1.5 billion dollars richer, so there's that.

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Closing Thoughts

  • I understood Brandon Rush replacing Harrison Barnes in the starting lineup, and he's panned out.  But I see no alternate universe where Jason Thompson replaces Draymond Green in which the Warriors thrive.
  • Harrison Barnes' first half hot hand completely disappeared in the second, yet his decisiveness on his ill-fated midrange pullup jumpers didn't wane.  The offense should not devolve into Harry B isos.  It's 2016, not 2013. When will Steve Kerr return?
  • The Kevon Looney hype train is full speed ahead.  The backup 4 is the Warrior's biggest weakness.
  • I'd place a bet on Draymond Green playing against the Lakers tomorrow.

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