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Sunday Reads: The Warriors will select a guaranteed future All Star in this year's draft

We take a look at the 2016 NBA Draft. Because, hey, why not?


The Golden State Warriors are crazy good at evaluating talent. In the last few years (even extending back into the dreaded Cohan era), the Warriors have selected the following players:

(h/t wikipedia)

Damn. Damn damn damn, that is fantastic.

Harrison Barnes, Festus Ezeli, Draymond Green (still high-fiving the world for that one), Klay Thompson and the GOAT shooter Stephen Curry?! In a six year run?!


So, assuming the Warriors win the whole thing again this year and have the last pick, who would they take? Will they luck out (fingers crossed), and get another steal? Another Kevon Looney?

Or is this the year they swing and miss? Or, did they already do that with Ognjen Kuzmic? (RIP Kuzlajuwon)

Everyone has heard about Ben Simmons and Dragan Bender (ahhhhhh that name is so good!!), but let's take a look at some of the late first round prospects.

Chad Ford just released his "Big Board 4.0," which sound like a really lame board game. Anyways, here are the players ranked from #20 - #30, accompanied by a random youtube clip, followed by my assorted thoughts on each player.

Ready? Here we go!

20. Jonathan Jeanne

Age: 18

"I HAVE A LONG HANDS, THAT'S A POSITIVE ASPECT FOR ME. I LOOK VERY TALL, THAT'S A GOOD FOR ME." Sorry for the all caps, but man, that statement is pure gold. Do we need to know more? I say no.

21. Gary Payton II

Oregon State

You say "Gary Payton II," I say Gary Payton !!" as in, two more exclamation marks than the OG Gary Payton, aka his father. This kid can ball. Backup point guard? Plus, he and Klay Thompson could reminisce about the Pacific Northwest.

22. Taurean Prince


Future Draymond Green-type player? Probably not, but they are a similar size.

23. Grayson Allen


GRAYSON ALLEN! GRAYSON ALLEN! I would be stoked if we drafted GRAYSON ALLEN! Also, he sounds like a character in some soft-core erotica novel about vampires or something.

24. Zhou Qi

Age: 19

This kid is TALL. He needs to bulk up for the NBA, but he has the length and skill set. Plus, he moves really fluidly for such a big man.

25. Denzel Valentine

Michigan State

Gotta get more Michigan State up in here, if only to confound and anger Nate. A four year, triple double threat from Michigan State? No brainer.

26. Tyler Dorsey


Yo, this dude can shoooooot.

27. Malik Newman

Mississippi State

Well, that's a video called, "Malik Newman Is Steph Curry With The Shot! OFFICIAL Senior Mixtape." I'm obviously on board with this. SIGN HIM UP!

28. Cheick Diallo


Diallo has looked "horrible" so far, according to Chad Ford. Maybe he'll stay another year in college? At the very least, his size and defensive intensity make him an intriguing prospect.

29. Marquese Chriss


The dude has good size (6'9", 225 lbs), and as evidenced by the video above, can successfully dunk a basketball. Which, you know, is important.

From Chad Ford:

Chriss is a total upside play. There just aren't many 6-foot-9 players with his athleticism and skill. When he can stay out of foul trouble, and stay focused, there really isn't anything he can't do. He can shoot it, rebound and even handle the ball a little. But right now, he's wildly inconsistent.

And, last but not least:

30. Domantas Sabonis


Domantis Sabonis? More like, Dominate-the-NBA Saboni-youbetcha! That dude is fierce.

So there you have it.

Maybe the Warriors draft one of these players, maybe not. Maybe they take a flier on some second rounder that turns out to be a top-10 talent in five years, aka Mr. Green. Probably not.

But with their crazy impressive draft history, you know the Warriors will pick someone intriguing, aka a future All star.

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