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A quick glance at Reddit after the Warriors decimate the Bulls on national TV

Oh, hey there internet.

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So, Apricot has the exhaustive and awesome (seriously go read everything he's ever written!!!) Explain One Play series.

I have Let It Snow throwbacks and Nostalgia pieces.

But that doesn't mean that I can't also post some sick highlights from last night's game?! Right?

How about this, huh?

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The title of this clip (on Reddit) is, "Bold offensive strategy Golden State"

Truer words were never spoken.

Here's the backstory on that possession, by the way:

Or, how about this?

Titled, "Iguodala with the monster reverse jam," which, yeah, that's exactly what that was.

And then there's always this:

Oh, wait, dammit, I forgot I'm only supposed to post Warriors highlights... Well, for what it's worth, that one was called, "Derrick Rose crosses Bogut," which, yeah, that's what happened, but what about something like, "Rose flashes a momentary view into the past: Makes us all believe that his injuries haven't quite robbed him of his once trancendent athleticism!"

Or, is that too dark?

Speaking of which:

Tonight, believe it or not, is the first time that two #MVP point guards have ever faced one another.

Posted by Golden State of Mind on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

In another episode of "Crazy But True!" last night (apparently) was the first time in NBA history that two MVP winning point guards faced off.

List of MVP winning point guards, from wikipedia:

Among the taller players who have enjoyed success at the position is Magic Johnson, who was 6' 9" (2.06 m) and won the National Basketball Association Most Valuable Player Award three times in his career. Other point guards who have been named NBA MVP include Stephen Curry, Derrick Rose, Bob Cousy, Oscar Robertson (who somewhat foreshadowed Johnson in that he was 6' 5" (1.96 m), the height of many forwards in his era), and two-time winner Steve Nash.

Again, it seems crazy that, say, Steve Nash and Derrick Rose never played once each had been crowned MVP, but hey. Life is strange.

Lastly, UH OH!!

18% of GSW's games for the rest of the season are against either the Spurs or OKC.

Cue the music:

Second Half Of Season: ENGAGE!

Man, here we go.

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