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Stay Fickle: Are Warriors fans getting too entitled?

Nate and Bram cover the question of entitlement and a WHOLE lot more, including how they need an Ivan-Batman-emergency light when they get too far off the rails and how Nate is still terrified of the Joe Smith draft.

Todd Warshaw/Getty Images

Nate and I sat down in ye olde podcast booth to talk about the NBA All Star lineups, our vision of a ball-point-pen drawing creepy Klay Thompson, fickle children, Nate's enduring fear of the Joe Smith draft, and how we need a batlamp to call Ivan when we get too far off message.

Overall, we had a rollicking, rolling, good old time.

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Annotated talking points:

Note: Add 30-60 seconds to each timestamp due to the advertisement blogtalk radio added at the beginning.

0:30 - Link to our last two man pod.

1:10 - NBA All Star reserves announced. Warriors are only team with three players.

3:50 - Bram doesn't know basic All Star rules.

6:00 - Gregg Popovich vs. Tyronn Lue.

8:45 - Sarcastic: Would it have been better if Draymond had been snubbed in All Star voting?

10:51 - Visions of an ebullient, ball-pen-art-obsessed Klay Thompson drawing pictures of his dog. #Creepy.

11:30 - The Ivan-signal goes off for the first time (not the last time)!

14:50 - Kobe.

16:25 - A slow clap for a high class troll job.

17:00 - Toronto.

19:15 - The beginning of the unraveling.

20:12 - "That kid is very fickle."

20:25 - Bram is an old man.

21:09 - "When you stop liking an overabundance of joy, you know you're old."

22:09 - Bram loses it while Nate vents about Joe Smith.


23:45 - Getting back on track. Spurs.

29:26 - Is Pounding the Rock using advanced mind control technology?

30:00 - "Stay Fickle."

33:00 - Looking ahead at the next few games. Talking about Kevon Looney.

36:45 - I make Nate guess who Looney reminds me of.

37:40 - "The artist formerly known as the symbol that currently is Nate Parham's fear of Joe Smith."

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