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Podcast: Sports as a mirror for what happens in our own lives

Bram and Nate go all the way off the rails into some uncharted podcast waters.

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Nate and I sat down (super late night) after the Warriors' win over the Lakers to discuss the game, Draymond's ascendancy, Klay Thompson as enigma, "the mistake of wanting more," and how we each relate to sports.

This one really got off into some uncharted territory, including a strange musical interlude. Seriously.

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Annotated talking points:

:30 - Least interesting game of the season?

3:45 - Byron Scott won't play his young core.

6:35 - Nate hates Los Angeles.

7:45 - Stephen Curry injury

12:08 - Home on the range musical interlude. Seriously.

17:40 - Klay Thompson's game.

21:35 - Warriors' mentality. Fans of the game.

25:30 - Draymond green as Pippen.

30ish: Klay as enigma.

34:25 - "Sports as a mirror for what happens in our own lives."

35:25 - "The mistake of wanting more."

39:45 - Star Wars reference. "Steph would be the leader of the Wookie/Ewok force."

40:00 - Personal relationship to a team. How different people relate to sports.

44:00: Nate and I finally go all the way off the rails. Do we need Ivan back to reign us in?!

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