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Draymond Green is a "superstar system player"

You might hate the term, but he won't.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Nate Parham and I got into a long discussion about the whole "DRAYMOND GREEN IS A SYSTEM PLAYER" silliness.

For a quick refresher, skip to 20:25 or so of this podcast:

So, is Draymond a "system player?"

And, really, why do you care?

But, here is the best breakdown of what this might mean. From, of course,, who break down the basketball the best way, always.

Draymond Green is a cog in the wheel that is the Warriors. He is a highly tuned machine, turning the knobs to 11.

Quick aside:

"Why don't you just make 10 louder?"

/confused pause

"These go to 11."

But, as always, I digress.

The question "Is Draymond Green a system player?" is inherently flawed.

Aren't we all system players? I mean, if I just got on and started posting random clips of Spinal Tap, Frank Sinatra, and Wham!, I'd probably get fired right?


Wait, shit. Bad example.

But seriously, everyone is a system player. How can you not be? We exist in a world where -- no matter how much you sometimes wish this weren't the case -- you have to interact with other human beings. Regardless of your own personal dreams/aspirations/desires/hallucinations, in the end you'll have to contend with other people. Sometimes, for example, they'll tell you to put on pants. Or, they'll tell you to do your homework. Or, they'll kindly suggest that you should get to the damn point.

Here is a point:

This is a list of all the players who have ever averaged more than nine rebounds per game and seven assists per game, ranked by win shares. Or, in the verbiage of "For single seasons; played in the NBA/BAA; in the regular season; from 1946-47 to 2015-16; requiring Rebounds Per Game >= 9 and Assists Per Game >= 7; sorted by descending Win Shares."

Damn dude. That is a serious list. Oscar, Wilt, Magic, Bird, Havlicek, peak Grant Hill, and...wait, Fat Lever? Is that some sort of porn name?

I was almost afraid to google "Fat Lever", but here we go:

You learn something everyday. Fat Lever for the HOF!

How did I not know about Fat Lever?! I apologize, and promise to improve.

Anyways, is Draymond Green having a hell of a season?


Does it matter if people consider him a system player?


Will he only get better from here?


Does he care what you think?


Am I watching this video right now?


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