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Patrick McCaw is on pace to become the greatest player of all time

Get on the hype train.

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Last night, I watched as Patrick McCaw became the greatest player of all time. Forget Jordan, forget Magic Johnson. McCaw. McCAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!

Yeah, we might be getting a little carried away, but let’s just say our GSoM Slack room was fairly lit last night as McCaw lit up the Lakers.

What is it about the young, springy rookie that inspires such glee and over-the-top ridiculousness? Is it that he seems incredibly humble? He speaks in quiet tones? Have we gotten over-used to the Draymond Green approach to interviews? The boisterous, all-in style?

Perhaps it’s that the Warriors are showing once again that they are one of the best teams in the world at evaluating talent. Finding hidden gems.

I mean, if McCaw is half as good as we all think he’s gonna be, he’ll have a chance to get his face carved as the fifth member of Mt. Rushmore. Like, not in a metaphorical sense—the way people talk about their “Mt. Rushmore players” and so forth—literally actually some dudes are gonna have to go out there, blow up some sandstone or granite or whatever that rock is made of, and carve Pat’s smiling face up alongside Roosevelt, Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson.

I can see it now.

[Gets distracted] Here’s where we take a quick interlude to reference some unrelated things that made me laugh this week:

As did this:

[Regains composure, returns to initial point]

But anyways, where was I? Oh, right. McCaw. Patrick McCaw’s interesting balance of talent and humility is refreshing to watch. This Warriors team has (deservedly so in most cases) caught quite a lot of flack for some of their more, um, arrogant-seeming ways.

Seems like Kevin Durant has learned a few things in his short time here.

But McCaw is different. Or, rather, he appears different. Granted, he’s a young dude (turning 21 in nine days), and granted he’s a second-round rookie on the (potentially) most loaded team in NBA history. So, it makes sense that he’d be a little quiet, that he’d take his time asserting himself off the court.

But his on court performance so far? Breathtaking.

Okay, I just went and looked up his stats through five games so far this preseason. By my own (potentially wrong, aka math is not my strength, aka I don’t do #numbers that often) calculations, McCaw is averaging 11.4 points and 1.6 steals in 23.6 minutes per game on 48.6% FG% and 42.9% 3pt%.

However, if you go ahead and do some subsequent #math, you get to a couple fun little per-36 numbers.

Per 36, those averages swell to 17.39 points and 2.44 steals per 36 minutes played. Again, I ask you: Better overall NBA career, Larry Bird or Patrick McCaw? Numbers don’t lie.

Stats for Larry Bird, aka Larry Legend, aka Basketball Jesus via

Well, you get the point. Numbers don’t lie, and I guuuuess McCaw has a little ways to go until we can really compare him to someone like Bird. Maybe, you know, another couple of games. Definitely by week three of the regular season.

As we move through the upcoming few months, story lines will sprout from the fertile ground of our imagination. Will Kevin Durant win the MVP? Will Stephen Curry get anywhere near 400 three pointers again? Can the Warriors reclaim their championship belt? Are the Warriors and Cavaliers on a collision course to meet for the third consecutive season in the Finals? Will Stephen A. Smith yell something incomprehensible, angry, and foolish? You know where the safe bets are.

But, as we move through the season, there’s one story line I’ll be monitoring closely:

Stay safe, stay sane. It’s a tough, crazy world out there right now. At least we have Patrick McCaw to keep us humble and happy as we slog our way through the treacherous wilderness.

And, at least we have the promise of more Game of Thrones, no matter the outcome of the upcoming election, basketball season, and every other dumb/crazy thing that’s about to happen.

Last thing: If you need to crawl under a rock for whatever reason, here’s five hours of the GoT theme song. You’re welcome.

Happy Sunday.

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