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Watch: Robert Swift makes return to basketball at Santa Cruz Warriors’ tryout

The journeyman, much troubled center took part in an open tryout for the D League today.

Seattle SuperSonics v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Robert Swift has made headlines throughout the years for many reasons, although very few of them were because of his basketball talent. Drafted straight out of high school by the Seattle Supersonics, Swift has had a very tough go of it in life.

We’ll do a deep dive into his story, but for now, please read this amazing feature from Sports Illustrated’s Chris Ballard.

Very long story short, after battling homelessness, inner demons, and severe drug problems, the once lottery pick Swift is trying to make a comeback. He is with the Santa Cruz Warriors, and he is ON COURT right now.

We had a reporter (DubyDubDubs) at the Santa Cruz Warriors’ open scrimmage/practice/tryouts, and he captured this rare footage of Swift shooting free throws. We must make clear: Swift is NOT on the team. He purely made an appearance at a scrimmage during an open tryout for the D League at Golden State's Oakland practice facility.

From the Sports Illustrated article:

“Robert Swift? I think about him all the time” says Bob Myers, Swift’s former agent and now the GM of the Warriors. Like most everyone I talk to, Myers wants to know how Swift is doing. Not in basketball but in life.

We loved seeing the talented big man back on a basketball court. We’ll be updating this story as it develops.

UPDATE from DubyDubDubs: This is the d league draft invite tryouts…the d league rules are complicated! It’s changed this year so they are no longer calling this a "tryout" but instead the team can submit up to 8 players to be eligible in the d league draft (so ANY team could pick them in the upcoming draft)

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