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Where on Earth is James Michael McAdoo?

Yeah, it was only a preseason game. But the Warriors certainly need the 6’9” forward to make better use of floor time.

2016 NBA Finals - Game Four Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Let’s not overreact.

It’s the preseason and it was only one game.

Earth From One Million Miles Photo by NASA via Getty Images

But last night the Warriors reminded us of this thing called chemistry.

And they showed us that they don’t quite have it yet, what with the addition of so many new players. But returning player James Michael McAdoo was pretty much missing.

Here’s the extent of McAdoo’s “accomplishments” during 17 minutes of play in the third and fourth quarters:

  • 1 layup
  • 2 offensive rebounds
  • 3 defensive rebounds

That’s the good news.

The bad is that he managed only three shot attempts. And before he got to the fourth-quarter layup, he missed:

  • a 16-foot jumper
  • a driving layup

But it doesn’t end there.

McAdoo also is credited with:

  • 1 charge
  • 1 turnover

So, where on Earth was James Michael McAdoo last night?

Remember: He’s a guy Coach Steve Kerr relied upon in three games of the NBA Finals. To make a championship run this season, the Warriors will need him to make better use of his time on the floor. With a 7-2 wingspan and speed, he certainly has the goods to deliver.

And there’s no better time to shine than while on a one-year contract.

If McAdoo finds himself bored in a hotel room or on a plane, contemplating ways to make stronger contributions to the team, perhaps he can gather inspiration from this episode of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

It’s aptly titled “The Play’s the Thing.”

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