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Steph Curry and Under Armor unveil the new Curry shoes, here’s a look

New season, new kicks!

These aren’t the “dad shoes” that got roasted earlier in the summer. With less than a week left before the regular season starts Under Armor has finally officially unveiled the new Curry 3 mids, behold, the greatness:

So, on first glance, these are a lot different from the Curry 1 and Curry 2 (which were both pretty similar designs to each other). I think the most drastic change is that they moved the huge Under Armor “UA” logo from the sides and they’ve also added in what I assume to be Steph’s signature. In related news, Steph Curry apparently has very messy handwriting (or maybe he was in a hurry?).

As you can see in that close-up, they also brought back the herringbone pattern on the bottom, which the Curry 1 had but Curry 2 didn’t. I’m no Soleologist (a person who studies basketball shoe soles) but I do wear these shoes for basketball and strongly prefer the traction in the Curry 1, so this is a nice change to see.

There are two designs: the one above is beautifully named the “Dub Nation Heritage” and the other is an alternative colorway, called the “SC Camo” which is also pretty nice:

One of the things I really like about these is the solid ankle support, and you can see the extra wide base near the heel really well in that picture. Inside the shoe, they also now have what UA is calling a “Meta Wing” (sounds like Kevin Durant’s new nickname), an internal support around the back of the ankle to help stabilize it and prevent unwanted lateral movement.

The Curry 3 mid will retail for $140. The Dub Nation Heritage debuts globally at and the UA shop app on October 25th and that’s followed by a full release, along with the SC Camo version on October 27th.

So, there you go Dub Nation, what say you now? Cop, or not?

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