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Golden State defeats New Orleans: 122-114

The Warriors held on to an ever-narrowing lead to defeat Anthony Davis...and some other guys.

Golden State Warriors v New Orleans Pelicans Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Finally, the long national nightmare that had been a (non-preseason) four-game losing streak comes to an end. The Golden State Warriors got their first win of the 2016-2017 season in a 122-114 victory over the New Orleans Pelicans.

The star of the night was the Pelicans’ Anthony Davis. Following up his amazing performance against the Nuggets earlier this week, Davis went for 45 points, 17 rebounds, and was basically the equivalent of Bugs Bunny fielding an entire baseball team. He was everywhere. The Warriors defense doubled him up throughout the night and it didn’t matter, he broke through the likes of a paired up Kevin Durant and Draymond Green and managed to score. He had an amazing block on Durant that was so late, I actually thought the shot had gone in until I noticed them fighting for the ball on the ground.

The Warriors were not lacking in the star department, however. Durant, Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry all scored more than 20 points each. Durant, Green, and Zaza Pachulia combined for 39 rebounds, 49 overall for the Warriors. The team managed 32 assists. The ball movement, especially later in the game, was flowing seamlessly, even if it wasn’t always fruitful. It was a promising look.

Fittingly, Davis started off the scoring in the first quarter, only to have the Warriors answer back. Golden State took an early lead that lasted late into the third quarter. Pachulia led the team in scoring at one point in the first quarter, scoring the majority of his 10 total points there and walking away with a double-double for the night with 11 rebounds. Durant also had a double-double with 30 points and 17 rebounds.

Patrick McCaw entered the game early, seeing about 10 minutes of play with three points and an assist, those three points coming from downtown. Unfortunately, he exited the game with a sprained ankle at the half.

The defense struggled in the third quarter, showing low energy and allowing their opponents ample room to move and get open for shots, which allowed the Pelicans to briefly take the lead with 4:30 remaining in the the quarter.

However, due to an explosive 8-0 run by Curry, who’d had a slow game thus far, they quickly regained the lead. During that time there was a refreshing resurgence of offensive rebounds. This allowed Curry a 3-pointer, after two failed attempts by Thompson, to start the run.

Sloppy ball handling and defense allowed the Pelicans to make a run at the lead in the fourth quarter, but ultimately the Warriors held on and took the game.

This & That:

  • Kevin Durant received his first technical foul of the regular season:
  • Kevon Looney had a promising appearance:
  • Durant brought the dunks:

(Obligatory R.I.P. Vine)

  • As did Shaun Livingston:

What’s Next?

The Warriors will face the Phoenix Suns this Sunday, October 30th, at 3pm in Arizona.

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