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Golden State Warriors over/under win projections and title odds for 2016-17

Vegas holds high expectations for the Golden State Warriors this season.

Golden State Warriors Media Day Kevin Durant Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Sports gamblers rejoice! Oddsmakers from Westgate Superbook in Las Vegas have released team-by-team over/under win projections and title odds for the upcoming 2016-17 NBA season.

2016-2017 NBA Win Total Projections
Atlanta Hawks 43.5 80-1
Boston Celtics 51.5 25-1
Brooklyn Nets 20.5 1000-1
Charlotte Hornets 39.5 300-1
Chicago Bulls 38.5 80-1
Cleveland Cavaliers 56.5 5-2
Dallas Mavericks 39.5 300-1
Denver Nuggets 34.5 300-1
Detroit Pistons 45.5 100-1
Golden State Warriors 66.5 5-7
Houston Rockets 41.5 100-1
Indiana Pacers 43.5 100-1
Los Angeles Clippers 53.5 20-1
Los Angeles Lakers 24.5 300-1
Memphis Grizzlies 43.5 100-1
Miami Heat 36.5 100-1
Milwaukee Bucks 39.5 100-1
Minnesota Timberwolves 41.5 80-1
New Orleans Pelicans 36.5 100-1
New York Knicks 38.5 80-1
Oklahoma City Thunder 45.5 30-1
Orlando Magic 36.5 100-1
Philadelphia 76ers 27.5 300-1
Phoenix Suns 26.5 1000-1
Portland Trail Blazers 46.5 80-1
Sacramento Kings 32.5 300-1
San Antonio Spurs 56.5 6-1
Toronto Raptors 49.5 40-1
Utah Jazz 47.5 80-1
Washington Wizards 42.5 100-1

The Warriors have increased their win total in each of the previous four seasons. It’s highly unlikely that they will improve on their win total for a fifth straight year after literally winning more games in a single season than any other team in history.

While 74+ wins is plausible, the Warriors clearly have their intentions set on bringing home another championship to the Bay. This makes their projected win total of 66.5 games that much more intriguing.

There was an obvious difference in the way that Steve Kerr and company attacked each of the previous two seasons. In 2014-15, players like Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala sat out the occasional game with a deep postseason run in mind.

The following 2015-16 season, the Warriors became hell bent on obliterating every team in their path, which they accomplished. However, this type of balls-to-the-wall effort over 82 games eventually took its toll on the players come May and June when health came into play.

Back-to-back MVP Stephen Curry let everyone know this summer that 74 wins is not a goal that the Warriors will be carrying into the upcoming season, stating that their focus and energy will be spent on winning a championship.

With a second title in mind, it appears that the Warriors will need to be more cerebral in how they attack the upcoming season. This primarily means more scheduled days of rest for marquee players. I don’t expect the team to designate a specified win total like last season. Rather, that number will take shape in the form of however many games it takes to lock up home-court advantage throughout the playoffs.

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