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Duby’s Weekly Links: Preseason games, recaps, reactions and random tidbits

At last, we have Golden State Warriors’ games to talk about! Plus, all the other internet bits you may have missed this week.

NBA: Preseason-Golden State Warriors at Sacramento Kings Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to another installment of Duby’s Weekly Links! As in previous iterations, there is no original content here — just links. Glorious links!

Preseason Game #3

No TV coverage on this one, so you’ll have to use your imagination.


Game recap

The GSoM recap by Dhara Taheripour has some embedded videos.

You can get the enemies’ perspective from the Sactown Royalty recap. I’m still mad at them because they banned me for talking smack about their previous ownership ... but I guess you can’t fault their writing. Interesting insights from one of the few teams truly well-positioned to attack our weakest point with their greatest strength.

Can I rant for a minute? There are CLEARLY cameras in the building. NBA has coverage of the game and yet it wasn’t televised? Regardless, I found the recap to be another good source for post-game details and analysis.

Additionally, here is just over one minute’s worth of highlights, from the FanShot posted by GSoM user dubsofbluedream.


Anthony Slater of The Mercury News on how DeMarcus Cousins exposed the Warriors’ dearth of big men.

Monte Poole talked to Zaza Pachulia about potential counters to this, moving forward. His recap is also worth a click as he brings up Kevin Durant’s continued emergence, and the Dubs’ bench, as bright spots from our third preseason game. Also, according to Kerr, the Warriors will get in at least five practices before their next game, which is one week from today against the Nuggets. Kerr will dedicate most of that time to “intensify the education” of the new players. Sounds fun!

Preseason Game #2


Game recap

Also, be sure and check out our very own Sami Higgins recap as well.


Ethan Sherwood-Strauss, ladies and gentlemen! Read everything he writes.

Andy Liu’s first post at Warriors World!! Like opening a cage and watching a beautiful bird fly into the wild, it’s a bittersweet moment. Feel free to give him a hard time in the comments. I hear it builds character.

Anyway, here are some selected snippets of play from the Clippers’ game. Notice how our embarrassment of riches makes this team so hard to defend. The addition of Durant really changes the dynamic of pressure applied by the offense. I assume there will be more than one game where the opposition just throws the game tape away and moves on.

Preseason Game #1



CSN postgame interview videos

Once the games are in full swing, I’ll embed some of the better postgame interviews. But, for now, just go poke around the main Warriors page on CSN. There are a ton of great interviews!

One video that is particularly headline-grabbing: Steve Nash thinks this Warriors’ squad “potentially could be better than any team in NBA history.”

Steph’s lock-down D

Other notable news

Rest of the league watching the Warriors ...

And, you may have missed it, but the Warriors did a very nice Mo Speights’ tribute that aired during the Clippers’ game. Speights is just the most recent in a long line of ex-Warriors that will always get a hearty cheer from our fan base.

Ayesha Curry’s new cooking show debuts October 22nd. If nothing else, it’s going to be interesting because the episodes are apparently mostly shot inside the Currys’ fancy new house.

Warriors announce bobbleheads for regular season. In addition to Nate Thurmond in memoriam, the Dubs are also producing a bevy of other collectibles, including one of Andre Iguodala wearing a VR headset.

Klay Thomson credits the Olympics for keeping him in shape.

Patrick McCaw is going to (hopefully) play a huge role this year. Be sure to check out this feature article on him.

I talked a bit about the Ringer last week. Here they are again (in what I assume is going to be a weekly occurrence). Jordan Ritter Conn sits down with David West to discuss ring chasing and the Ghana fan base of Draymond Green.

Kevin Draper of Deadspin: This is all fun, but doesn’t really matter until the playoffs.

Featured GSoM content

Here’s a great post from GSoM community member UnRec'able. It includes all the highlights from the obliteration of the Clippers. Yeah, I know, it’s only preseason, but I still take a visceral joy from seeing Blake Griffin and Chris Paul on the losing end of a basketball game.

Parvenu asks the GSoM community if Stephen Curry is coming back after his contract expires.

DoThaRightTh!ng is running a preseason poll! Put your opinion out there so you can demand internet cookies later (or we can make fun of you for being so, so wrong). At his request, we will be generating a more formal article closer to the beginning of the season, but go ahead and log your prognostications now if you are ready.

Okay, serious question: Now that Small Ball Death Squad (SBDS) has undergone so many significant changes, it’s time to coin a new phrase. Hardwood Paroxysm came up with something that I fell in love with as soon as schemedestroyer mentioned it: Light Years Lineup? LYL. Catchy, accurate, funny … I’m hoping this catches on.

Well, that’s it for me this week! As always, keep those fan posts coming!!

Here’s your Friday musical interlude: De La Soul came out of nowhere to release some new tracks. Fire. Fire everywhere!

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