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Zombie Puppies, Kevin Durant, and a way to avoid the news

I’ll be here every Sunday to discuss the world and the Warriors.

Los Angeles Clippers v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

So, we’ve been through a lot together. We rejoiced in union when Stephen Curry became the first unanimous MVP. We held each other when the Warriors did the unthinkable last summer. We wept salty, revengeful tears when the team signed Kevin Durant. We rose up and collectively blocked all those Cavs trolls on twitter.

I’m sitting here on a cold, rainy, autumnal day in New York City, thinking funny thoughts like, “I’ll be 31 by the time the next season is over,” and “holy shit, the Warriors will have played only six regular season games before election day, meaning that they’ll play a minimum of 76 games without having the burden of this crap-fest of an election cycle hanging over their heads.”

It’s been a tough time as of late. I know we’ve all been through a lot. The site, our beloved Golden State of Mind, has been through a lot as well. We’ve tackled some tough issues. We’ve had hard, interesting discourse. We’ve ended up on the front page of, with the end result being that we had some, uh, “interesting” new visitors (mostly on twitter).

People are on edge. People are angry, and people are ready to lash out when their feelings and beliefs are challenged. The egg man cometh (especially, again, on twitter).

But I’m not here to rehash all that. At least not right now.

I’m sitting here on a Sunday, with my cat doing cute cat-acrobatics all around me, trying to steal my attention away from the keyboard. I’m listening to the new Bon Iver album. And, damn, it is quite fine.

I’m here to reintroduce you to “Sunday Reads.” I’ll be here for you, every Sunday. Well, hopefully every Sunday. You all know how life sometimes gets in the way. But, assuming a comet doesn’t crash into my living room or something, I’ll be here every Sunday. I’ll talk about sports, I’ll talk about music. I’ll probably talk about my cats too much, and I’ll definitely talk about Kevin Durant’s stupid crazy sweet shot too much.

This will be a nice, Sunday-happy place to discuss life and all the things that come long with it.

I know things have been a little, um, weird lately. I’m here for you. We’ll get through all this together, while listening to some sweet jams and watching some sick Durant highlights.

The world may be full of murderous clowns chasing cars, blond haired buffoon faced serial gropers, and artificial flavoring, but here at “Sunday Reads,” we can create our own little universe.

I look forward to spending Sunday with y’all as we make our way through the next stage. The next stage of the Warriors, the next stage of the country, and of each of our individual lives.

Rock on.

Also, this video makes me smile.

Watch out for those zombie puppies, y’all. They’ll get you in the end.

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