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Podcast: When will the Warriors overcome their early season struggles?

Golden State of Mindcast makes a triumphant return! Ivan and Bram are joined by credentialed writer Andrew Flohr as we talk about the Warriors’ first week of action.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Phoenix Suns Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State of Mindcast crew is back! Well, sort of. Nate Parham had to sit this one out, but we were very happy to welcome GSoM credentialed writer Andrew Flohr onto the pod. We had a blast catching up and discussing the Warriors’ first (hectic/confusing) week of the season.

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Annotated list of our conversation:

1:30 - First games of the season. Thoughts?

8:00 - It only took a few minutes for Bram to take a wild, unnecessary veer away from the topic at hand

9:15 - Warriors offense: “Let them play?”

12:25 - Team tense. Hot take alert: ESPN = FBI?

16:00 - Requisite Draymond Green conversation

21:00 - Zaza Pachulia vs. Andrew Bogut

24:30 - Will Kevon Looney or Damian Jones make a difference this season?

28:20 - How much did the Warriors actually change?

32:20 - Andrew’s view of arena/media scrum at Oracle for each home game

34:30 - “2016 Bloggers: It’s a great place to be!”

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