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Warriors vs. Pacers final score: Dubs scorch-earth their way to a win 120-83

The Warriors completed their four game road trip by beating the Pacers 120 to 83.

Golden State Warriors v Indiana Pacers Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Warriors were lucky to catch the Pacers on the second end of a back-to-back after the squad from Indiana pulled off an overtime win last night against the Oklahoma City Thunder in OKC. However (as evidenced by the recent Lakers game), no single game in this league is guaranteed, no matter the circumstances and no matter the talent disparity on different teams.

That being said, the Warriors came out of the gate strong, starting the game leading 13-5. Early on, it seemed like it might develop into one of those “oh sssssssnap” Klay Thompson kind of games.

After one quarter, the Warriors led 34-21.

As the second quarter began, Shaun Livingston got some run and provided a sort of spark off the bench for the Dubs. However, the Warriors also were able to insert Kevin Durant and Andre Iguodala to round out the “second unit,” which, c’mon man. That’s just mean. Iguodala is an NBA Finals MVP and Durant is a multiple scoring champion and regular season MVP. Y’all gonna play them in the second unit versus a depleted Pacers squad missing their best player (Paul George), having flown all night following a late-night OT win vs. a very good team in OKC?


However, as the second quarter rolled on, neither team could seem to buy a bucket. Trading one brick after another—or one turnover after another—the teams stood at 42-32 with 5:07 left in the half. Given multiple, multiple opportunities to blow open the game, the Warriors could just not hit a basket. After his hot start, Klay Thompson went cold. Ian Clark was bothered by Monta Ellis on a seemingly open three and threw up an airball, and Curry missed a few shots you would normally expect him to knock down.

But, even playing a game that felt haphazard and slightly awkward at times, the Warriors entered the halftime locker room leading 61-42 (after Stephen Curry almost beat the buzzer with a double clutch long ass shot). It’s amazing how this team can glide through situations seemingly unscathed even when they don’t play up to their own lofty standards.

Yo, are you straight up kidding me though, Steph?!

How did that not count for at least, say, 1,000 Monopoly dollars or something?!

As the second half started, the challenge the Warriors faced was to “not fall asleep at the wheel.” Proverbially speaking. Not in any sort of physical, necessary, gotta change your lifestyle sort of way.

Also, yeah, rest would be good.

During the third quarter—I’m not gonna lie—I got a little distracted. The Warriors were cruising, I was tweeting back and forth at some people, and then this happened:

Which, yo, what?!

@World_Wide_Wob, yes. Yes, this is indeed still a highlight. Holy mother of ___________, that was amazing.

But, yeah, anyways, back to the Warriors.

After sort of skipping joyfully through the third quarter, the Warriors entered the fourth up 100-71.

Given the boredom (given the score), we had some fun.

Yeah, so I was also live tweeting this, and, yeah, I have no shame. Sorry not sorry.

In the end, the Warriors secured a 120-83 beat-down victory and also secured an unbeaten road trip.


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