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Golden State stars shine bright in 115-102 win over Minnesota

With Draymond Green injured, the Warriors’ stars came together to make up the difference and win their 11th straight game.

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Golden State Warriors Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors defeated the Minnesota Timberwolves 115-102 to wrap-up this holiday weekend back-to-back.

Draymond Green and Ian Clark were unavailable to play tonight after their collision during last night’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers. Kevon Looney got the start, but it was apparent early that they were going to have to work hard to make up for the loss.

This they did with style. Good contributions were made from Zaza Pachulia, Looney, and JaVale McGee, but ultimately this game was all about Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, who combined for 85 points, 13 assists and 24 rebounds. Most impressive were Durant’s six blocks, a career high.

The Warriors started the first quarter strong, with Thompson, Curry and Durant trading shots to go on a 12-4 run. Unfortunately, the Timberwolves later answered back with a 24-11 run to close the quarter up 33-30. The only player aside from Thompson, Curry and Durant to score in the first quarter was Anderson Varejao with a layup.

The second quarter started off rough, to put it nicely. Turnovers and bad shots were a problem, and the Warriors didn’t score for the first four minutes of the quarter. They then proceeded to score 60 points in the next 20 minutes.

Durant had a three-point play, followed by a rebound cross court layup to get the offense started. The lead volleyed back and forth throughout the latter part of the quarter, with the Warriors reclaiming it within the last three minutes and building it from there. Then Durant closed out the half with a great buzzer-beater.

Durant, Curry and Thompson accounted for 40 of the Warriors 56 first half points. While Zaza Pachulia, JaVale McGee and Kevon Looney helped round out the rest. Offensive fouls were a bit of an issue, with the Warriors getting called for two right before made shots. Curry was called for another just after forcing a turnover, his third of the night, which sent him to the bench just shy of the two minute mark.

The third quarter was all Stephen Curry, though. He started the quarter with a long 3-pointer, and finished by scoring all 12 of the Warriors final points, going back to back from downtown to close it out with 17 points, giving the Warriors a 17 point lead.

The Timberwolves ate away at that lead in the fourth quarter, managing to get it within single digits. There was a series of really awful ball handling on the defensive end, but the Warriors got it together and managed to mostly shut Minnesota down. After a long Klay 3-pointer, it quickly became a game of fouls as the Timberwolves tried in vain to get within striking distance before the Warriors closed it out 115-102.

News & Notes

  • Kevin Durant is the first Warrior in franchise history to have a 25p-10r-5a-5blk game.
  • The Warriors welcomed Brandon Rush back to Oracle Arena with a tribute video:
  • A true rivalry has been born at Oracle Arena and continued tonight, with Gold Suit Man once again challenging Dancing Sweater Woman to a dance-off:
  • Finally, because I’m an equal offender when it comes to laughing at our own players when it’s deserved, the dunk that stole JaVale McGee’s soul:

The Warriors will next face the visiting Atlanta Hawks on Monday night at 7:30pm Pacific at Oracle Arena.

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