The "Big 4" is played's time for a new nickname.

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So much of our media is lazy. Big 3 in Boston. Big 3 in Miami. Big 3 in Cleveland. Sure, it's become a term of art, but it's also a cliche.

And now that the Warriors have 4 All-Stars, including 2-4 future HoFers?

They've been dubbed the Big 4. That's just lazy, people.

I'd like to propose a new nickname, and while superficially it's not the most creative, I hope you'll indulge my explanation...and in the comments, I challenge you to throw down your own nicknames for our 4-headed* hydra of Curry, KD, Klay and Dray.

To me, they are the Four Horsemen.

We already know who Death is. I've always loved KD's nickname of 'The Slim Reaper.' KMFD is inevitable. You cannot stop him; he is always coming for you and he will always find a way to get you in the end.

Draymond would be Famine, because he's going to starve your team of points. And morale. And the ball. And finally victory (see Schroder, Bazemore and Antetokounmpo.)

Curry is War, because of his insane bombing runs. Forget daggers, Curry brings a machine-gun to a 3-point fight. He's also the team's nuclear option: his buzzer-beating half-court heaves are WMDs.

Klay is Pestilence, because he sneaks up on you when you least expect it. Actually, you do expect it; he just sneaks past your defenses anyway. There's a last-minute run, a buzzer-beater, and you sit wondering how the hell you got beat when you'd contained both War and Death. (This may be over-stretching the metaphor, but video of his 37-point quarter went insanely viral, too.)

May I present the Four Horsemen of the Kerrpocalypse, ladies and gentlemen. They are light-years beyond unstoppable, baby.

*With bonus Dreguodala and S Dot!

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