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J.R. Smith, Klay Thompson, and others keep us laughing

Are some of the best NBA “bloopers” actual mistakes? Or are they performance art of the highest degree designed to remind us that not everything is doom and gloom?

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Golden State Warriors Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Last night in Milwaukee, Cavs’ swingman J.R. Smith decided to check out for a few seconds. I mean, he wasn’t taken out of the game by coach Tyronn Lue or anything. He just decided to saunter over and give a “howdeedoo” to his buddy Jason Terry. Unfortunately, he was in fact still in the game. Also unfortunately, the game was in the process of actively unfolding.

You can almost see the wheels turning in Jason Terry’s mind. Like, “Wait... He must know he’s still in the—oh snap, here he comes! Well, damn, alright, I can affect this play even if I’m not on the—’What’s good man? How you been? Everything is cool? Yeah [wide open layup happens behind them, J.R. grunts]. Okay, dope. I’ll see you later.’”

It was a fun moment of levity in a game that the Bucks ultimately won 118-101.

Around the league, it was a super, super strange night. The frickin Nets beat the Clippers 127-122 in OT (lol), the Pelicans almost beat the Lakers by 20 points, and most surprisingly the Spurs lost to the Magic 95-83 at home!

It’s almost as if the NBA decided, “You know what? Shit has been strange and depressing lately. Let’s just make life weird again.”

In other news, a few days ago, Klay Thompson proudly proclaimed himself “Best Paper Airplane Maker on the West Coast,” which is an oddly specific claim to fame. Although, I guess the famous gunslingers did geo-specify as well. You know, “Fastest draw in the West.” “Most feared man in Toledo,” “Stankiest, most unnecessary drummer face in Texas.”

You know what?

I know I linked this video above, but we all deserve to see it again. We’ve earned it.


Good lord. Okay, sorry, back to Klay.

So, right, the other day, Klay Thompson claimed he made the “best airplane on the West Coast,” and then proceeded to make a pretty baller paper airplane, which he promptly flung towards the assembled media. Also, note: His shooting form was impeccable even on his airplane release.

In other news, and in other episodes of NBA players doing ridiculous things that made me laugh and made me temporarily forget the existential pain of existence:

Chris Paul resuscitated Paul Pierce after Pierce’s egregious dunk attempt almost ended all life on earth as we know it.

Clippers’ announcer: “HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA [breath] HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA. Oh me oh my...” I agree, dude. I agree.

Elsewhere, Giannis Antetokounmpo summed up my feelings about the Cavaliers quite perfectly.

Oooooof. Ooooh man. Do you... do they need a hug? Or, like, at least a glass of water or something? Man... Damn, Giannis. How you gonna hurt Kryie Irving’s feelings like that?

An old adage (and something we’ve discussed quite thoroughly here at GSoM), is that sports are the cure-all for sadness. Or for a broken soul/heart, what have you. Feeling bad about the state of the world? Well, here’s a dope-ass clip of Kristaps Porzingis euro stepping his way into a filthy dunk. Feeling despondent about your love life? Or, perhaps, pining for the one who got away? Drown out your miseries with a whiskey shot of Jabari Parker out-muscling three different Cavaliers players to grab the rebound and put back the shot.

I promise you, you’ll feel better.

So, to my original point: Do these players view themselves as entertainers? Do they understand the immense gift they have been given? Not the gift of their basketballing abilities. Because, duh, we all can tell how talented they are. But do they understand the deeper gift they’ve been given?

The gift to alleviate pain? The gift of being able to alleviate anxiety?

Either way, I’m so happy the NBA is back, and is back to being its strange, weird, funky self wherein the Cavs, Spurs, and Clippers all lose on the same night to vastly inferior teams and Thon Maker crosses up Birdman.

Because, c’mon. This is what we need.

[h/t reddit for the vast majority of these clips. If you guys aren’t perusing r/nba every day, I strongly recommend it]

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