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Rasheed Wallace and Kevin Garnett should run for co-Presidents of the US in 2024

Seriously though, it’s time to figure out how you’re getting to the polls on Tuesday.

Obama Welcomes 2015 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors To White House Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

“Politics and sports rarely mix,” is the prevailing theory. Of course, we here at Golden State of Mind sometimes veer away from the popular lines of discourse. We sometimes accidentally mix ‘em all together. But, I assure you, this will not be a political post. Not in any ideological way.

No, today I’m simply here to remind you to please vote.

We’ve come a long way in the past few years. An interminable election cycle is about to end, one way or another. As Americans, it’s time for us to use the most powerful tool available: our right to decide the nation’s future. Our ticket into our democracy. Our vote.

Feeling bad about Friday night’s butt-whooping at the hands of Luke Walton and the dastardly Lakers? Get on out there and vote. Too many metaphysical bills in the accounts-receivable drawer of your life? Get yourself down to the voting station. Dog just ate your favorite pair of leather shoes? Vote.

Need more stimulation? Here’s a fun video from HBO.

Or, how about this?

Lol, “Make Mark be naked by making your mark on November 8th.” You gotta admit, that’s a pretty good slogan.

Sports people want you to vote too!

Okay, haha. Sorry. Obviously that’s not what you were expecting. But, yoooooo! I would so vote for a Garnett/Sheed ticket in 2024. Are you kidding me? The White House would be LIT AF ALL THE DAMN TIME!

Two thoughts: I need a cuss button as part of my day-to-day. (Minute marker 4:01). Secondly, forget “Area 51,” “Area 21” is where it’s at. What if instead of storing dead aliens and state-secrets and whatever in the chasms of a cold desert underworld, we empower Sheed and KG to fight the fight for us? They are the superhero tag-team we deserve. I’ll say it again. KG/Sheed 2024, running on a co-ticket where they both get to be President and Vice President at the same time. Okay, moving on. Wait, wait just a moment. We could call it the... BIG TICKET! Okay, now I’m moving on.

Seriously though, people, please vote. Please, please, please vote. On November 8th, get up, make some coffee, watch highlights from the Warriors (hopefully) dope-ass, huge win over the Pelicans, walk your dog, eat some cereal, walk outside, get in your car, find your way to your local polling spot, and VOTE!



I am being very, very, extremely serious right now.

Do it.

You know you want to.

Dooooooooo it.

Okay, that’s all.

Happy Sunday.

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