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Do the Warriors have the best offense of all time?

We talk offensive firepower, Kevin Durant’s surprising defense, wine baths and if they lead to, um, unexpected benefits, and much more.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Boy howdy, Bram and Ivan are back and more untethered than ever. Nate sat this one out, and somehow any time there’s a two man crew, things get a little wonky (see minute marker 29:00 or so).

We talked voter fatigue, Draymond Green’s DPOY candidacy, the Warriors developing into the superteam we all expected, and much more (aka, boofing).

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3:00 - Draymond Green, Defensive Player of the Year (talking about those two blocks).

5:30 - Voter fatigue and how it relates to Stephen Curry’s MVP candidacy.

6:00 - People hate things that are good for them.

7:45 - Kevin Durant’s better-than-advertised defense for the Warriors, especially from the weak side.

13:20 - Will the Warriors have the best offense of all time once the season is said and done? We compare them to the 2002-03 Utah Jazz, a team that somehow included Karl Malone, John Stockton, Mark Jackson (yup, that Mark Jackson), and Deshawn Stevenson (looooool, what a wacky, strange locker room that must have been). Also, shoutout Jarron Collins!

17:00 - Bram makes a horrible Vince Vaughn reference and then refuses to edit anything out.

19:00 - After Ivan mentions Zaza Pachulia, Bram somehow goes on a very long, profanity-laced dive down the rabbit hole of Zsa Zsa Gabor’s wikipedia page. FEEL FREE TO SKIP THIS PART, I ONLY KEPT IT IN FOR ALL Y’ALL MOVIE/HISTORY BUFFS OUT THERE.

22:37 - “This is definitely getting edited out. Our history of the Gabor family.” “That’s what you think!”

23:00 - Okay, back to Warriors. Damian Jones = next A’mare Stoudemire?

28:00 - Will Damian Jones start taking wine baths? Somehow, this leads Bram to make Ivan look up the term “boofing.” Hilarity ensues.

32:30 - Oh right, tomorrow’s game! Warriors take on the Rockets tonight.

33:45 - Wondering what a D’Antoni/Curry match in NYC would have looked like.

35:45 - OKC should be completely ashamed of themselves for losing both Harden and Durant. Are they cursed after stealing the team from Seattle?

40:00 - What’s the bigger challenge? Incorporating a new star player (Durant), or incorporating a new offensive system (D’Antoni)?

43:00 - #ArrogantSZN is in full swing.

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