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Warriors news: Reactions to NBA’s new labor agreement, Zaza Pachulia injury update

A look around the internet highlighting Warriors-centric news.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at New Orleans Pelicans Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to your irregularly scheduled Warriors links – all the best the internet has to offer!

It’s a deal! Players and the NBA have tentatively reached a new agreement and will avoid another unseemly lockout! As with all things legal and complicated, there’s a lot to unpack here. Tim Bontemps of the Washington Post has a good high level summary of the deal.

Draymond Green seems displeased.Specific details on his rationale are sparse, but something tells me he will elucidate this matter shortly.

Kevin Pelton detailed his winner and losers in an ESPN Insider article, but here’s our TL;DR version:

Winners: Teams with stars on their rosters (check!), Restricted Free agents, and common sense - the revised deal includes some “cap smoothing” to prevent huge bumps in salaries).

Losers: Critics of the “one and done” rule – which will remain in effect, and teams that want to become super teams now that it is easier for teams to retain their stars.

The winners clearly include the Warriors who appear to have managed to both take advantage of the old system by adding Kevin Durant, and are poised to take advantage of the new deal by leveraging the revised ability to retain star players. Oh, and two more spots for designated Development League players can’t hurt us either, right? Light years!

Zaza update: Steve Kerr was on 95.7 the game, talking about the recent road trip mostly. He did offer a slight update on Zaza Pachulia, who underwent an MRI yesterday which showed no structural damage leading Kerr to say that it is not “a long term thing.” In the meantime, looks like JaVale has earned the starting spot.

Risky click of the day: The Draymond Green strip club. An exclusive place, filled with some of the best players in the NBA

Steph Curry ate popcorn in a game: A Reddit moonlighter user found this gem of a story from one of Steph’s more interesting college moments (salient nugget at 11:50)

New kids on the block: In case you missed it, the Warriors have been impressive in defending the rim lately, this video shows some of the best ones from our five game recent road trip.

It’s getting harder and harder: GSoM’s annual player/asset rankings are getting down to the difficult decisions.

The Andre dance: BornInDaEB posted this lovely montage of Andre Iguodala’s top dance celebrations. One thing is clear to me after watching it: we are all winners here.

Scouting the unicorn: Ahead of our game against the Knicks tonight, you may want to have a look at this video essay on Kristaps Porzingis by The Vertical.

Watch those feet: Not necessarily Warriors-centric, but I thought this treatise on foot movement by the fine people over at The Ringer was super entertaining and informative.

Praise the gif gods!! Programming note from HQ – gif support is now better! This should mean that gifs will no longer cause the pages to lag so much. As a huge fan of this type of media, I am extremely thankful. As anyone who has tried to log in or comment on a mobile device recently can attest, faster loading time on these pages was desperately needed.

Speaking of content: I don’t know who to thank for this, but check out this fantastic new resource that will allow you to search any type of play and find relevant video clips. JaVale McGee alley oop? Awesome. Steph Curry dunk? Not as fun of a search. Enjoy!

Please feel free to drop more links and stories below!

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