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Warriors news: The NBA salary cap and implications for Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant

NBA: Utah Jazz at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Hello fair readers, and welcome back to another installment of Warriors links. As always, please drop in anything else you think noteworthy in the comments below!

GSoM night: No link for this one, but you should have gotten your t-shirt voucher, as well as pregame shoot around instructions by now. Full update article next week, but please do let me know if you think you are missing either one.

Smashing: Warriors are leading the NBA in point differential and a big part of this is our shockingly stifling defense (#2 in the league in opponent shooting percentage)

Related: the Warriors are playing a lot of garbage time minutes: Ethan Sherwood Strauss compares it to watching an extended C-SPAN viewing

He’s EVERYWHERE: Here is a pretty cool look at how much work Draymond Green does on defense

Injuries are happening: Rockets lose Capella for a while, Blake Griffin may or may not need surgery on his left knee (not the one with pre-existing conditions), and J.R. Smith definitely needs surgery to repair his broken thumb.

Keep the incense lit on those alters folks!

Damian Lillard is a good man: Really good article from Marc Spears that uses Lillard’s generous gifts to his high school to talk about Dame’s journey from an unheralded player out of Oakland to one of the NBA’s best. Never change, Dame.

Amongst all the splendor: Here are a couple of really good features on GSoM, in case you missed them. On Draymond Green and our podcast

Make it happen, Myers: With the new labor deal announced, and the knowledge that the cap will be going up again next season we are starting to be able to envision some of the specific circumstances needed to bring both Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant back.

Bottom line, “Because of Curry’s low cap hold ($18.1 million), Golden State can sign Durant with cap space and use Bird rights to exceed the salary cap to sign Curry to a salary starting at $36 million.”

Also, the Warriors salary cap lawyer was an underground rapper? Of course he was. Watch some Warriors listen and react.

You’ve got mail: TK’s mailbag has a bunch of interesting topics, from JaVale in the starting lineup, to potential roster changes (s/o to BornInDaEB for finding this one). Side note: this seems like a fun idea. Given the general availability and responsiveness of our staff, would you like to see a similar feature here on GSoM?

It made Nate chuckle: GQ with a fun retrospective on the year

It’s GOOD!: Watch this awesome Warriors fan win $5k

Spare a thought for Fitz: Looking forward to Roye and JB covering a game together even though the circumstances are beyond crummy. Warriors announced that Tim Roye will be filling in on the CSN TV coverage for a few days so Bob Fitzgerald can be with his family. I assume he has specifically asked for this to remain quiet, but please send a few thoughts (or prayers, if that’s your thing) for a man who has lost his wife, and the kids who have lost their mother.

Happiness: That made me sad, so here are some puppies to cleanse your soul of sadness

Thanks for reading! Lots of stories coming out this week ahead of the big Cavs matchup, so please do share any relevant material below!

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