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GSoM night 2016: Just four days away - Friday, December 30th!

Warriors fans may not have gotten what they wanted for Christmas, but we will end 2016 on a high note this Friday.

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Oof. The Warriors chocked away a 14 point 4th quarter lead last night, but all is not doom and gloom for Warriors nation. I am here to remind you that in just four days, we will be coming together at Oracle arena for GSoM 2016. Please review the details below, and be sure to practice those free throws before it’s too late!

For those who qualify, the Warriors representative sent out an email on December 9th with the shootaround event details and another on December 19th with the shirt vouchers. I’m just going to quickly rehash some of the highlights, starting at the earliest:


· Some of us are going to meet up at a convenient bar called Make Westing in downtown Oakland before the game for drinks (and snacks, if that’s your thing). Super casual. There is no RSVP, no cover charge, no hassle. Just come out around 4:15-4:30 and have a drink or two before the game. You can laugh in my face about how bad I am at free throws, and get your smack talk into Nate early!

· Around 5:15-5:30 we will move the group out and head to the game via BART. Sure, you can drive if you want, but BART is far and away the most cost-effective way to get yourself to a Warriors game. It’s a short walk from Make Westing to 19th street BART, and a quick 10 minute ride down to the Coliseum, which should get us there in plenty of time for the shootaround.


· Note that this was a limited event, so if you did not receive the email on December 9th, you missed the cutoff for this aspect of GSoM night. If you feel like this is an error, please message me or the Warriors ticket rep directly.

· Courtside Shoot Around starts once doors open at 6. It is advised that you enter via the South Entrance and meet up near the entrance to section 108. Look for the crowd. Please, no shenanigans. If you or anyone in your group did not qualify for this event, be respectful and don’t attempt to add yourself or your friends in quietly. First of all, if won’t work. And secondly, it’s not cool to treat our hosts like that.

· You can bring stuff to get signed, but there are no guarantees. We will be sitting about as close as you can, so regardless; this will be a great time to get photos.

GSoM shirts

· GSOM Shirts can be picked up outside of section 220 starting at 6 and run until the end of Halftime. You should have received an email with the special event voucher. Without the voucher, you will not receive the GSOM Shirt so please do not forget to print before the game.

· They can’t print them there. They do not accept an image on your phone. Also, Oracle does not allow in and outs, so be sure you have them securely on you because you can’t go back out to your car if you forget them in there!

· These are limited prints, so if you want anything other than an XL, you are going to want to get to section 220 on the early side (preferably pregame).

The game

· Warriors vs. Mavs. Perhaps Stephen Curry will finally decide to go off? Who knows? Bottom line is we will be there en masse, and we will be louder than Draymond Green at a sleepover (seriously, I promise you he was that one kid who just could NOT whisper).

Post game free throw contest

· We will meet at Section 215 with 2 Minutes left in the game before heading downstairs. As soon as the lower level is cleared out we will head downstairs.

· In the past, the way it works is that everyone gets one free throw. If you make that first one, you immediately shoot another. Make both to advance to the second round (this will eliminate most of us scrubs). From there, it just goes into elimination, with the last person remaining generally getting some sort of prize.

Ok GSoM, it’s the final countdown now!! I look forward to meeting many of you on Friday! 2016 has been a crazy year, let’s end it with a crazy fun night!

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